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Jan 3, 2007
Lawrenceville, GA
I have been having bouncing problems with the AHC system in my 99 LX470 and have determined that the spheres may need to be replaced. I was still able to raise the vehicle up and down with no problem.

Today, I have decided to remove the height control sensors (one in the rear, and the right front) and open them up to check for rust and hope for some miracle fix. I found nothing wrong with the sensors and everything looked squeaky clean. I then cleaned them with electronic cleaner. When I put them back, the car no longer can raise itself. When I press the LO/HI buttons, the green light will go on but nothing is happening. The rear is now lower than what it was before.

Can anyone tell me if I have really messed up the system now or there is a way to reset things? I could not have messed up the sensors just by opening them up or could I?

Please help if you know of a way to reset these sensors. Thanks.
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