Need help fixing a broken bolt!

Jan 2, 2007
I installed a OME 2.5 lift this last weekend, and broke one of the two bolts that hold the rear sway bar to the frame. I drilled the center of the bolt out and then broke an EZ out in it! Sh t! Any thought on how to fix? I thought about drilling and taping the hole, but I don't have the tools.
Apr 26, 2004
Weld it?

The sway bar attaches to the axle, but not the frame. The sway bar end links attach to the frame, is that what you are refering too?

One of my rear swaybar axle bolts popped, I just had the bracket welded to the axle. I'm not removing my sway bars, so it's no big deal. If one day I want to then I can use a grinder to remove the weld.

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