Need help finding radiator parts for fj62

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Jun 21, 2016
Im not sure if this is the right place to post this bc it's my first time using a forum but I'm in desperate need of finding a lower radiator pipe for a fj62 3f 1986 cruiser. Mines totally rusted out and everytime it gets a bit warm just dumps all of its coolant on the road. I've looked everywhere and have spent way to much time on google trying to find it and have come up with nothing and I'm just hoping someone would know where I can get one from preferably in Australia. I can post a diagram of the hose assembly and point out which one and post a pic of the pipe later on if you need it.
don't know about sources in AU, but have you looked at the specter off-road web site? Some parts are still available through your Toyota dealer...not sure if this is one of those items or not. Doubtful if there is anything aftermarket on this...likely its used or new, if new is avaliable.
Yeah I've checked out specter and I can't tell if it's the right part or not because their part says its for cruisers without a/c. My cruiser has a/c but I can't see why that would even affect the pipe in anyway. Thanks for replying
I assumed u have tried your local Toyota dealer. To see if they have any ex Japan?

Any 30 year old part subjected to Antifreeze probably hasn't had the easiest life but there's quite a few Toyota Recyclers throughout Aus. Would of thought u should be able to find a half decent used part.
Not sure where in Aus u r?
Here in SA there's Early Landcruisers Spares. Can't seem to put up a link to his site. Google will see u right.

Another thought if u don't locate anything. Is take your joiner to an exhaust shop and get them to bend up some tube to match.
But I'm not sure if this is a good way to go and a good long term solution.
Good luck with it all:)
It might be PN: 16577-61130
And it might still be available new.
See drawing if it looks similar.
Google that PN.


Yeah that's the pipe that you listed in the diagram but the problem I'm having is every time I search for it I find a pipe that looks nothing like mine. I have a high pressure hose company located near me that makes custom hoses and was wondering if you guys reckon I could just get them to make a hose that would replace the 2 hoses and pipe with just one big hose?
probally you could...but would it flex properly and work. What does your toyota dealer say?
So finally called the dealer and am feeling like a bit of an idiot now but they can order it, only downside is it's a 3 week wait and they want $175 for the pipe which seems pretty steep but I guess I don't really have a choice. Thanks for all the help
Haha yeah I've got to replace that one anyway bc I had to cut it off, I figured I'd just replace all 3 of them for now and then later on in the year do the rest of them with maybe a whole new radiator bc it's all pretty rusty by the looks of it

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