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Dec 18, 2002
Dallas, TX
My clutch slave cylinder went out a couple of weeks ago. Amazingly it died on the street on the way home about 50 feet from my driveway. I've got all the parts lined up. Got both a new slave and and a new master cylinder. The only problem is that I can't get the rubber hose off (part # 31481A) off where it connects to the hydraulic tube (part # 31481) that runs to the master. I've tried everything. I've sprayed PB Blaster on it about 5 times. The thing absolutely won't budge. Now the nut is pretty chewed up. Should I replace the tube as well? If so, how? There's a bolt holding attaching it to the firewall behind the engine, and I can't get a wrench in there to save my life. The rubber hose also runs through a piece of metal thats welded to the firewall. How do I get it through there short of sawing it? Help!
Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
Those old hydraulic lines can be tight if they havent been removed for a while.
There is a type of ring spanner thas a notch cut out so it fits over the clutch/brake line.
Open end spanners chew the hexagonal edges up although youve learnt this :D

Ok the only way to get them off now is to apply some heat to the nuts with a welder and try to get the nuts too expand.
You may have to use vice grips or something that can clamp to the nuts really tight.
Normally the rubber hoses and metal lines are left in place while the master and slave are replaced.
On my cruiser the rubber hoses can be unbolted from the metel lines at the bracket.

If the nuts are rounded off the lines will need replacing. It dont cost much for a brake shop to make them if you cant get the original


Sep 1, 2003
I had a similar problem on one end of mine. I ended up cutting the metal tube and purchasing a replacement from SOR. It wasn't that expensive, IIRC.
Jul 13, 2003
The wrench you needed is a flare wrench. AKA brake wrench. You might be able to use a file and clean up the nut enough to fit a flare wrench on it. These work really well - as long as you keep them in the correct orientation, you can push really hard and the nut won't distort. Also try some heat to help loosen the nut. A cheap propane torch might help.

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