Need Atlanta-area mechanic for 22RE rebuild

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Apr 13, 2009
Bar Harbor, Maine
well, after much great advice on how I should undertake a 22RE engine rebuild myself, I've whimped out and am looking to pay someone in the Atlanta or North Georgia to do it for me.

Any good recommendations for that or anyone interested in taking on the project theselves?

I really wont be of any use to you unless its economically feasible to get a ready rbuilt 22re,try Oregon Engine on ebay they are about $900 last time i looked come with a lifetime unlimited warranty,i considered tis but i got one of their new cast heads and put my 22re back together instead
their listed for about 1000-1300USD. How much am I looking at for piecing her together .. i suppose I should put a new clutch in while everything's open?; new hoses, etc?? roughly speaking-
thanks for the advice!
I thought you were looking for someone to do it "with" you... you're slowly fading back to the "dropping it off and picking it up" angle huh.

Is there a consensus of opinion on whether to buy a long block with a warranty or find a local shop/guy to rebuild the motor that's in the truck? I've done both and had the opposite of what I've heard recently - that it's better to rebuild the motor that's in the truck. The only bad experience I've had was with the rebuilding of the motor in my truck. Two others - one store bought and one rebuilding of the same motor were great... The obvious variables are the builders. I actually got a great motor from (gulp) Advance Auto for a Jeep CJ. It came with the typical 3/36 warranty. To this day, I've never had a Jeep motor run as well and get as good mpg as that motor - 19 mpg on the highway... with 31s though.

Have you considered selling the truck and getting an FJ60? ;)
I admit i learned the ropes workin at my uncles shop where people still bring in old junk (89 cutlass 88,86 F-150)and need/want a junkyard tranny put in so they can get to work on monday.that being said finding a good rebuilder in your area would be best,however getting a off the shelf rebuilt or a decent bone-yard motor is all you really need to get back on the road......and if your like me you want to get this done like last week so waiting for a local rebuilder while all your manifolds/bolts/wires/hoses etc lay around and maybe get lost or forgotten isnt any fun got options all th way from a built 22re stroker motor (LC Engineering)through ebay or advance auto rebuilds/or maybe the junkyard or just put the minimum it takes to get your motor running.Hope i helped

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