need advice on a Kayline Soft top for sale

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Mar 28, 2010
I was hoping to get an opinion from you guys about this soft top for my '87 4runner. I kinda stumbled on the deal...:crybaby:

It's manufactured by Kayline, which I'm aware has been out of business for a while but from what I've read they've gotten great reviews except for the million holes you have to drill.

The girl selling it bought it 7 years ago but never installed it. She said the person she bought it from had used it but it was still in pretty good shape. No tears or rips, only half of one snap was missing on the inside, and all the zippers seemed to work great...the only problem was that she was missing all the hardwear to mount it to the truck. From what I'd researched, there seems to be some angle aluminum pieces w/ the snaps that you drill to the truck. All she had was the actual soft top and the two hoops that serve as the frame. She was asking $400 before we realized this.

I told her I'd have to fab something up & I honestly am not sure what I needed to fab up yet so I offered $250 since there's no guarantee that it will work out. She wouldn't budge from $350. I told her to get a hold of me if she found the hardware, or I'd get a hold of her to make another offer.

So am I being reasonable with my offer or should I compromise on the price some more?

Also, for those of you who have one or are familiar with them: how difficult would it be to fab up the pieces I need? Would it be worth my time & money to make this investment?

Here's some pictures of what she had left of the top.

Please let me know what you all think, I'd really appreciate it...I'd hate to pass on a deal.:confused:
kayline package.jpg
closeup of top.jpg
structural hoops.jpg
Ehhhhh I'd offer her $100. But I'm cheap... It's a nice top, but missing part of something from a company that's out of business...... The question comes down to what's your time worth in chasing down another top that you can get the measurements off of, buying the stuff to make it, and then making it...?
SHE's stuck on the price b/c SHE knows what SHE paid for it...

SHE's also the one that lost the parts... I'd make her eat it, or walk...

BUT, I believe somebody's making or has made those tops after Kline went out of business... And I don't think it's hard to fab the parts you need... IMO, the fabric and it ready to snap on is harder to fab than the bracketry...

But it's been a long time since I looked into this stuff... And I just so happened to have had my OS replaced so my FireF$%k bookmarks are on a flash drive... And no, I am NOT going to DL FireF^&k just to get them...
I once fooled around with the notion of making (frameless) 4Runner tops...

For the head(er?) I'd just get some angle and take a wedge out of one side, and bend to form around the top of the cab. That gives you a place to a: bolt it to the cab, and b: snap the top onto. That's how Can-Back makes them "water proof". Water runs down the channel Toyota inadvertently designed into the 4Runner for mounting the removable top.

Let me refresh my memory, and I'll see if I can come up with more to help...

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Chrome rocks! Import or export bookmarks : Manage your bookmarks - Google Chrome Help That is all :cheers:
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What's up fellow Austin 1st Gen 4runner reader of local craigslist ads. I went by and looked at the top and the other stuff too. I bought the platform just because I thought it was cool.
On the top: I have a kayline, and its in pretty good shape, but I thought I would check it out to see if it was worth the extra money. Its missing all of the brackets that go along the bedsides, the tail gate, and around the cab. That being said, I told her that if somebody bought it and wanted to look at the brackets, to help fab them up, I would help them out.
If that interests you, shoot me a PM.

If nobody buys it, I might give her an offer to have backup when mine is finally too far gone.
I say since you're gonna have to fab up the frame, even $250 is too much for the canvas. You could do that part yourself for way less. (But it would be a pain unless you like that sort of thing. You would get really good at setting snaps!) I made my own top, too. I used a bunch of aluminum door sweeps that I got at the recycling place for the frame. It uses the roll bar to give it shape and I fabricated 2" PVC pipe into an internal frame that snaps onto the roll bar to shape the back end. Looks vaguely military.
Thanks for all the responses. I appreciate the words of advice on an acceptable ballpark price for this.

2ndGenToyotaFan, those were my exact concerns. I'm glad to hear I wasn't alone on this. (I'm cheap too)

Hilux, you're right. Their designs & inventory was bought by STC (Specialty Top Company), but STC is out of business too. Their website is still up for archive purposes but as far as replacement parts go I'd be SOL.

The owner of the top said she's willing to negotiate but I don't think she's gonna take the price low enough for me.

AustinTaco has been kind enough to let me come and take a look at his harware, but I'm gonna just pass all together on the top...I've used the money that I was going to use on the top to fund my expedition trailer build & a road trip to North Carolina. Unless she gets a hold of me with a much lower price.

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