Need a quick answer for a dumb question

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Mar 27, 2003
Chapel Hill, NC

I'm trying to ground my roof mounted utility lights. Whats really required for a ground? Could it be attached to the bolts securing the factory roof rack to the roof? I'm just trying to avoid running a second wire down off the roof.

And I'm trying to finish the job before I rains... clock is ticking. :)
K -

  No question is dumb if you don't have the answer. I've got more dumb questions than you can imagine...

  Technically, and electrically, any ground will do - including the rack bolts, although this would likely not be as good a ground as somewhere inside, out of the weather (think: rack bolt mounts rust - my aux light grounds will rust...).

  If you have a pair of wires (one from each light) going through the roof, or wherever, it's not that big a thing to have all four. That's the way mine are, and after 15+ years I've had no issues with them. After doing it that way yourself, you will be glad for it and will not experience any troublesome grounding problems down the trail.

 R -
Thanks Ron. I decided not the run the 2nd wire down when I broke the clip retainers on one of the quarter panels for the sliding window (which is where I entered the cabin). Since I'm sure I'll break the other one removing it I decided to do a halfass install and ground on the roof, until I can get some new clips and louvers (or whatever the hell those vents are called).
Gotta love parts made of plastic :slap:

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