Need a good mechanic in Waco/Dallas area ASAP can you guys help

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Jun 23, 2006
Charlotte North Carolina
my brother is in school in Waco at Baylor and his 80 sounds like its taking a nose dive quick. The last week its been sucking down oil, clicking alot, and the steering wheel is now hard to turn. Can you guys reccommend a good mechanic who can help us get this thing looked at in the next couple days? Thanks for the help.
Jeff Bearden at Bearden Automotive has worked on several of our club's trucks. He's in north Austin. Don't know if he can get it down here, but Jeff does great work.

What else is it doing? Ask him to check the coolant overflow bottle for bubbles while someone revs it up. Could be a head gasket going or a bunch of other things...need more info.
He took it toyota out of desperation yesterday in Dallas. They told him today the engine is shot and it will cost 9600$ to replace. I almost drove down there to punch the guy in the face myself. We have Triple A plus so We could prob get it to Austin relatively cheaply if thats our best bet. I presume I could source an engine if need be here on the boards. Any help is appreciated!
His truck is a 94 FZJ80.

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