Nav and Bluetooth option for First Gen GX470

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Feb 18, 2015
While browsing the internet and weighing my options to add Nav, bluetooth, etc. I stumbled upon this option.

Before this thread turns into a Chinese quality debate hear me out

The specs on this unit are rather appealing:
Android 4.2 OS
CPU: Dual Core Cortex A9 1.6GHZ
Storage Memory: RAM 1GB DDR3, ROM 8GB

It is essentially a android tablet that is made to fit perfectly in our dash
It would allow for endless updates, rooting and modifications

~I would be able to decide what GPS software to run whether it be Igo-8, Google Maps, or Waze

~It comes with 1gb of storage, and a USB dongle or SD card for expansion so loading TOPO maps should be a breeze

~You would have access to the android market so that you can change media player options

~Included in the android market is "torque" the app that allows you to monitor the trucks vitals via OBDII

~it is plug-n-play, so no worries of splicing wires and switching back to factory would be easy

~ You would also retain the use of steering wheel controls

The other main reason that this is a a good contender in my book is that the alternatives are either far more expensive, or they just dont offer all of the above in one package.

What do you guys think?

I know it is a risk and may be hit-or-miss on quality but it is so appealing that I think it balances out the cost-to-risk factor

Has anyone tried this yet?
Cool! If you try it out, let us know. If the thing works it would be a nice upgrade.
I was hoping that someone had experience with one of these units.
I havent found anyone with a GX470 or Prado with one installed

I guess I will have to be the Guinea Pig if someone doesnt chime in soon
Here is a cool demo of the software running in a different housing. Im sure they are made by the same factory

That's an intriguing option! I didn't download the manuals, just a quick glance through the specs brought the following questions:

- Is it running AOSP, a custom ROM, or what?
- Is the bootloader unlocked? If not, is there a known exploit? (otherwise no flashing)
- Is it really rootable?
- I guess you'd also need to confirm the correct bands for your mobile carrier.
- What is the power draw when the car is off?
- Aside from Google, to whom is it calling home and what is it reporting? (This question alone would prevent me from even considering this device, unless it truly can be rooted and I could run some iptables-based firewall and packet capture to analyze the traffic)
That answers a few basic questions, but not (imho) critical ones - about power draw when car is off (if any), do they support firewalling and what is the general security posture; and raises the question about if you flash it, can you reinstall the native apps / have full functionality? My worry is having this mysterious device "open" in traffic or a parking lot, and how to prevent them from being accessed/hacked - much different when driving vs sitting at home playing Angry Birds on a tablet.

Again, these are intriguing and I see the appeal, but it's not something I'd seriously consider or research. The GROM or Vaistech units are quite nice since they merely interface to a device you control.
Honestly at that level of security that you are concerned about, How secure are any of the device that interact with your personal data? Trying to root, or alter any of the current offerings by pioneer, alpine, clarion would be just as complex if not more.

This unit has been successfully rooted by the guys at XDA. It seems to me that this unit would be closer to a open source platform than other head units. Allowing for more modifications by someone like you to get to the level of security you desire.

In my case, using this unit for GPS, Bluetooth, Music streaming, security is no more a concern than using the same programs in other vehicles I have owned. Im not overly concerned with what info someone may be trying to steal from me because I am not a professional hacker and any effort I would make to block hacking would be fully thwarted by the people who do it for a living. Furthermore, any info that could be gathered about me and used is fully reversible. I am not a fugitive, I dont live a life that needs hiding or protection, and my finances are backed. At the end of the day how secure do you really think you are if someone really wants your info? Unless you live in a Faraday Cage, i doubt you would be much of a challenge against the right hacker
the Security of this device was not really one of m concerns.
However, I would really appreciate any help you would have to offer when I order this unit.

You dont live to far from me
Again, if you flash it, can you reinstall all of the native apps that make this thing useful?

You needn't be a hacker to be a target. I asked the questions because 1) this device has access to some vehicle controls (granted, not steering or braking, but still) and information; and 2) if you use it for infotainment, and it's not locked down, you are exposing personal info. If you think losing your identity etc is fully reversible, you must never have been a victim of this (I have) - what can be undone is an unholy PITA and consumes far too much time.

I personally am not willing to risk my personal and vehicle info for some convenience and entertainment, unless the level of security satisfies me. Many others are ok with the compromise. Having been the victim of ID theft and CC hacks, I don't consider myself paranoid but aware of the risks and one who takes some precautions.
little_joe you do bring up a good point about this thing being hacked and thus possibly giving someone access to your vehicles operating system via the OBDII... though i dont see that much of a risk, most hackers are after personal info, not vehicle info, and if they did want to access it they would go for a larger scale target such as like GMs onstar where they could go after a multitude of vehicles at once...

anyhow i like this, and i might get one. i am lucky that i do not have the nav in my GX, so this would be sweet. i have wanted to do an aftermarket stereo even before getting the GX(hence getting one without nav) and this seams like a great deal.
I ordered it through Amazon. It was 50$ extra but it arrived in 2 days and I have the payment security and option to return it without dealing with the Chinese seller.

I got it all mounted up and powered up then realized I forgot to get the adapter to use the factory amp I do believe it is the tyto-01 harness. So I ordered that and it should be here Thursday through amaZon.

My initial impressions are pretty positive. Other than receiving the wrong adapter (my fault for not adding it) it seems to be pretty cool.

Here is a teaser shot of it mounted outside of the car.

I will post more photos and update on the new harness once it comes in.

I cant wait to see how it works, thanks for doing the write-up.

What was the final cost for everything?
Once I get that harness in and make sure it is the proper one for the job I will be able to give a final cost.

Right now I am at about $500.

But there are some different routes that could be taken, like buying it direct from China in the link I posted. And also letting the seller know to include the can-bus adapter for our amps. However since I was the guinea pig for this radio I paid a bit more for peice of mind and security
Did your rig have nav from the factory or do all GXs have a factory amps? I think I'd go through Amazon as well. Got a link to who you bought from?
My rig did not have the factory nav or the rear DVD player. I've only had this rig for about a month so in my limited research I do believe all of the gx's have a factory amp. I think the difference comes when you have the mark levenson sound system. I think the amps may be different. I may be mistaken.

I bought the last stereo that was "fulfilled by AmaZon". There are others on there if you search "prado android 4.2 or 4.4" I think the other seller I was considering on Amazon was "top-navi"

I think one thing to make sure you get is the ones with the latest version of android you can find. I found a couple running 2.xx and even some running windows. Those are outdated.

snow delay on the harness i should have it in tomorrow night if all goes well
Alright guys I got it in.

Everything went well and the unit works exactly as described.

I ran the GPS antenna and female USB ports the glove box as a temporary place until I decide where I want them, but even in the glove box the GPS has good signal.

The backlighting on the radio is pretty awesome because it is fine tunable and I can get it pretty close to the same color as the factory button illumination. After all one of the selling points of this unit to me was the fact that it looks much more stock than the double din units I've seen.

The physical fitment is spot on and I I had no issues in that department. It sits flush and lines up perfect.

The user interface is pretty intuitive and easy to use since it has the latest version of android.

I also bypassed the dvd safety feature so that the wife can watch movies on the long trips.

So for now I am a happy customer.

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