my wife's new toy.

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Aug 25, 2008
We went out looking for a smaller car to replace our aging Cherokee yesterday, she really wanted a nissan juke -- but I begged her to drive something... anything else... so we went and drove some wranglers. The new pentastar engine is outstanding! Much, much better than the wet blanket of and engine they had the previous years. This thing is fun to drive, and the "freedom top" is way cool. My jeep envy is overwhelming, and I'm not allowed to take it anywhere. Haha.

come on, just take it up eagle rock to make sure the 4x4 system works ;)
Nice jeep! I'm glad to see someone still rockin the 2 door. I see way to many 4 doors on the road.
I totally agree. Just like the extended cab pickup killed the regular cab. I like regular cabs so much better. 4 door would come in handy, but hey, do you really always need all your junk with you?

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