My TLC needs some TLC

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Aug 7, 2014

I'm still learning... A LOT, have been on the forums for some time now and bought my LC almost a year ago. 1995 FJ80. Trying to become a do it yourselfer for the repairs and maintenance of the vehicle. I have had the pleasure of meeting Kevin from Tools R Us after being referred to him on the rums. I seem to get stuck when searching on here for some issues I am having... My biggest issue right now is trying to figure out where the underbody wetness is coming from. I mean it seems like from the front to just about the transmission pan is covered in goopy fresh oily substance. Drips on my driveway but doesn't puddle. I went underneath and all the oil pan bolts were tight along with the drain plug. Since the last oil change I did it has been 2100 miles and I just had to add 1qt. So the substance seems to be oil. If it was the pan, the pan going back would only be wet right? Or could it be the pan along with the power steering, which I want to say is leaking also. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to get my lovely lady all dried up lmao. Thanks.
I've had my lx450 now for a few months now and here are some of the items that I have changed that were causing same symptoms as you are describing
Distributor o ring
Front main seal
Oil pump seal
Just got hoses to tackle the power steering
I know my rear seal is leaking but that one is only 3-4 drips after driving.
There are couple of other items but those above are some of the most common ones. I hope this helps.
Thank you, I have not replaced any of those... Every project I do is a first time I have done it scenario so, I am on a huge learning curve at the moment. I think I am going to start by degreasing everything under there and see if I can Identify where it's coming from. I have no idea if this has been going on for a while even before I owned the vehicle but by the looks of it, it has collected a ton of gum
Haha! I don't want to be leaking anything!!! My driveway is starting to look like s***... Also, It definitely drips in the front from what I can see on some wood planks I have that I park over sometime.
Edit: Yes one quart is about the norm:)
Fix what sammyTO8FJ has done and you will solve most of the drips. Oil pump seal can make an awful mess If they are broken. I had caked on oil under my rig from the front of the engine to the spare tire. Good Luck . !
Ok, thanks for the replies. for anyone reading this... I feel stupid after figuring out how to really search through the rums. The most important thing to do is make sure you search within a specific forum.. I.E.- I searched "oil pan" in the "80s tech" section and realized, I wasted my time and the people that replied to me as well. I found out all the information I needed and I was beating the bull in the ass by making a duplicate thread. Sorry guys and gals... Keep Cruising.
It's all good. I was in your shoes few months back
I spent an afternoon doing oil pump O-ring and front main only to have mine continue to leak just as much as before. Did the distributor O-ring, valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals and now I don't have a drop.
I just bought a 93' and had same scenario, oily goop from front of lower engine to front of tranny. Decided to get engine hot and look under, could see it was mostly while engine was hot and running, no drips just parked. Did the main seal, oil pump cover and distr oring and no more oil leaks. However I'm still loosing oil, took out first spark plug wire and there was a pool of oil. I guess that the tubes? You will do well to tackle those first I'm new at this ( but build motors) and it was easy with all the videos and support from this forum.
That's the easiest of all, I have done the Dizzy and the whole upper end already. So I am guessing that my problem is the other stuff I have not tackled yet. I am pretty savvy, just have not done the bottom end critics yet.

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