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Mar 30, 2017
United States
$10k max, decent & driveable shape.

I've lurked on this website a long time, but just registered. I recently saw a member recommend to another member to post what they're looking for so I thought I would give it a try, too. With the boss at home's permission I'd like to get my first FJ40 before I get too old to enjoy it and my kids get too old not to have memories of it as adults.

I'm in central Missouri and there's just not much that comes up on Craigslist. What does come up locally is either a picked over, non-running disaster held together by flakes of rust or a garage queen modded out the wazoo, both of which are overpriced. I'm not sure if there's an "FJ40 buying season", but maybe this is it and I should bide my time.

In order to stay married, I need to keep the purchase + delivery under $10k. Preferably south of that even, since who knows what will need worked on right off the bat. I know $10k not much but that's what I've got to work with. Watching sales/listings on here I know there have been asking prices less that this that I missed out on by timing or location, so I'm hopeful there's a truck out there for me, too. I'm a competent shade tree mechanic, but I have zero experience with body work and am willing to learn.

Ideally I'd like something driveable that can be fixed up gradually/later. Something my family (wife and 2 grade school aged kids) can enjoy for years. I'm not picky on years as from my research on this site the different years all have advantages, but I'd say I lean toward late models. I also like original, unmolested vehicles, but I'm realistic in accepting that a 40+ year old truck is going to likely have some changes/upgrades.

Most days it will be a "most daily" driver. I've got a reliable newer truck for bad weather, too hot, or if the FJ40 is being worked on. My commute to work is only 5 miles, no interstate. I've got a garage/shop for it to live in and be worked on. I'm looking for something to enjoy, not fix up and flip for profit. We have a small farm that it will explore but I don't see myself doing any aggressive mudding/rock crawling.

Not only do I search Craigslist near me, but I have family scattered across the country. Specifically that would mean Portland, San Francisco, Austin, Joplin(MO), Little Rock, Indianapolis, and Washington DC. I know it's common to buy/ship vehicles from practically anywhere sight unseen but I'd feel most comfortable to buy from an area where one of my family can lay eyes on it and help me coordinate the sale/transport.

That's all I can think of right now. Sorry for the long post and thanks if you read this far. I appreciate any help, leads, and advice.

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