My first cruiser

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Dec 23, 2007
new hampshire
Ive been lurking around here for a while and recently picked up my first cruiser. Ive been a mini truck guy for a while and had an 88 that I did a SAS and tubed out on 38's. Ive also had a 46 cj2a with all toyota running gear(hence the screen name). The plans are to keep this a streetable wheeler. I am a few hours drive from some really great wheeling and and going crazy not having a rig.
first thing I need to do is pass smog with this thing. I took it to a place and failed miserably. Number 2 cylinder was not firing so I pulled the head and found a burnt exhaust valve. The head is at the machine shop now to get the valve replaced. There going to take .050 off the head to bump the comp a little.
The roor rack is off to be narrowed and shortened a bit. I plan on getting the interior taken care of and painting the outside if I am able to ge the rig to pass smog. This thing has NO rust anywhere and I bought it from the second ower. Being from the north east I am amazed how clean the body and frame on this thing are.
ill be taking my time as fund are limited but I am very excited for this ring. I payed $1000 for the truck and will prob hove another $500 in it to pass smog.
Congrats and where are you located. Put it in you sig line.
The addiction has begun! :D

Congratulations and welcome!

Looks like you got a great deal on the rig, even after the head/valve job.

Good luck with the smog, and look forward to seeing the progress. :cheers:
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Welcome! Nice Rig!
Welcome aboard! So you Toyed with your Willy, eh?
Welcome. Smog can be a pain to pass. Goodluck
Welcome. Smog can be a pain to pass. Goodluck

im slowly learning this. I came from a state where smog wasnt an issue. Ill have to see if I am able to pass with this motor. I think i should be ok as i had high HC at idle and passed for all other areas. since #2 was missing i am assuming that is where all the unburned fuel was coming from. The funny thing is I was surprised at how well this thing cruized on the highway after reading how low on power they where. cant wait to get it running on all 6 cylinders.

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