My 1st Cruiser - Mechanic Recommadations

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Jun 25, 2016
I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good mechanic in the Richmond, VA area, that knows Land Cruisers.

I recently purchased my first Cruiser (2003) with 152k miles.

This forum has been an invaluable resource while I have had basic maintenance done and addressed some minor 'common' issues/qwerks with the 100 series trucks.

but best mechanic for your truck is you if at all possible. Worth the investment in knowledge and tools. Have at it!
@BTinVA has a few recommendations here:

@AvCruiser also just snagged a 100 and is also looking for a mechanic in Richmond.

My old boss used to take his 80 to Paradise Auto, downtown. I used Decatur's in Bellevue a few times for the wife's Honda when we lived over there. They were honest, but not LC specialists.

I've never had any work done at the dealer, but McGeorge Toyota did a bumper-to-bumper inspection when I had my state inspection done there. I've since gone through everything on their list, and it was a pretty spot-on list they gave me, without any fluff added and their prices were fair. McGeorge also runs They are always the cheapest I can find online, and if you need to return anything, you drop it at the parts desk at McGeorge. Pretty handy if you're in Richmond.

but best mechanic for your truck is you if at all possible. Worth the investment in knowledge and tools. Have at it!

@e9999 speaks the truth. Save your money for mods. These trucks aren't difficult to work on and you will find that nearly every issue you will ever have is covered on this forum somewhere. Plus, lots of folks here to help if you get jammed up. I haven't gone to a mechanic for anything other than state inspections, tires and glass since I had a Land Rover.
Any reputable mechanic should be able to work on a LC. No different than any other vehicle.
Thanks for the suggestions. I've had good experiences at Jackson Automotive on W. Cary. After my prebuy at a NC dealer, I was told that I needed to replace the U Joints to the tune of $600. Jackson greased mine up for close to nothing and sent me out the door. Would have been easy for them to get me for the U Joints, as I told them I was ready to fork out the bucks. But I agree with the others -- the more I do, the more I find that these rigs aren't that tough to work on and there's a satisfaction factor in doing the job on your own. More bucks for mods is certainly a motivation.
Fritz Platz at Fritz's Car Care has worked on all my cars for over 20 years. These have included a 62, 80, and now 100 Land Cruiser (along with a slew of BMWs and my wife's Lexus). He is fair and talented.

Good luck. Rob

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