my 1977 hj45 h deisel

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Pic please
here we go
well i have had it just on 2 months and whell i have pulled it to pieces and cleaned just about every thing now to get on to fixing chassis.

Welcome , good to see another Aussie on here. Looks like you got a little work ahead of you. Good old beast, i had an 1978 hj45 for about 6 years.:cheers:
well had to changemy user name. any way started on my diffs and found i need axle seals and bearings my rear diff is realy not looking good the side gear is missing 7 teeth and there was no oil in it at all well its slowly coming together funds are tight at the moment but i can still do the little things might clean down some other bits soon and post some new pics
pics please!

your photos did not come thru.... try again please!
I am interested in your resto and bulid up, taking notes for my future rig.

You gonna keep the H-motor?
Great job man
Is that purple and green one in the corner a proto-type?

At least the steering wheel is on the correct side....LOL

Nice job so far.....started out looking pretty scarry
yes been rebuilt so im gunna stick with it it might be a bity slow but not to worried to much ive mated it to a 5 speed from a hj60 using only toyota parts very easy con version will update more pics soon.

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