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Dec 17, 2008
Looking for help and/or suggestions with getting a set of tires from Krawl Off Road in Anderson, SC.

Tires are 40" TSL SX's (no wheels) and there's five of them. They're being sold by an individual but still sitting at the shop where his J**p is being worked on.

Pickup is primary issue, but temporary storage and eventual transport will also be needed. Five 40" TSL's will take up a LOT of space though. I'm currently deployed overseas and will be moving from Seattle to Fort Worth early next year after I return from deployment.

Pickup would be in the next week or two.
Storage time is unknown until I could work out one or more legs of transport.
Transport would be ultimate destination of Ft Worth, TX. However, once I arrive in Ft Worth I could easily pick up from anywhere between Nashville, TN. and Houston, TX. Could also pick up from the following events in 2018:
LSLC Roundup at Katemcy in March
Mardi Krawl at Hawk Pride in April
Lone Star Toyota Jamboree at Barnwell Mtn in April/May
GSMTR at Windrock in May

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