mr happy gets a new heart

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Nov 9, 2006
taupo, new zealand
well i pulled the motor out of mr happy today, 516000kms on the clock still goin strong but time for a re build and addition of a turbo. i have bought another 1hz which i will drop in for now. i will start to rebuild my motor as a(winter project) .because mr happy is my daily driver, the spair motor should be in and running tomorrow as i have a project to complete next week and will need it running
picks and progress to follow happy weekend to all

Well true to form the clutch was almost down to the riverts, so have had to order bits which wont be here till monday.I had them all on saterday, but the rear seal was missing .i have taken the time to clean 16 years of road grime off the engine bay also made a start on a new battery tray to house two instead of the current single, picks still to follow

the first is the bent water heater pipe on the new motor the trouble when you get a motor from a wreck ,ment i had to remove the manafold to replace it ,the second is the removal with the tractor last is the dirty engine bay
clean engine bay

this is what it looks like with years of grime removed,last pick is the clutch .groves are almost gone .it aint giving any trouble but may as well change it while i,m here :):bounce:
not a runna

we fired up the motor on wednesday night and it looks like the replacement motor has a blown head gasket or cracked head ,@#&*%%##
had my head in the sand for a few days while i was deciding what to do next,but i will pull the top off it today and see what we have wrong. cause i need my truck i will probably put the old one back in and get it running then do the re build on the newer block depending what the damage is :doh:
ouch that sucks, look on the bright side, you will become an expert on replacing the engine:)

true , true. looks like its back to the old motor for a bit the problem is more than a gasket ,and my budget at the mo!! but come winter i will strip it down and re build from the ground up with a turbo and intercooler and shiny bits.i will post some picks as i get it completly apart
rolling, rolling, rolling,

well my happy is rolling i have put ye old faithfull back in , the new power plant had a cracked head . so it will now be the candidate for the re build and turbo fit .
good to hear, make sure to post some pics of the re-build
Last I heard you were thinking of putting Mr. Happy up for adoption. This still the case?
mr happy

na i dont think i can part with him just yet , we,l see if work picks up
Updates? Got the shiny bits in yet?
shiny bits

mr happy is still running the original donkey,and the new but dead replacement is still in the (must do something with that file).....
i have managed to patch up the radiator and block a couple of the leaky vains, it is holding water ,just done a 1000+k test run and all looks fine for now .spring is well and truly here so maybe over the summer i will make a start on the transplant rebuild.
for now funds are low so will see if work picks up first
Fly over and be my copilot for Alaska :) (mid June-mid July)

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