Moving To COLORADO!!

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Sep 19, 2003
Hey Guys,
I'm from ALABAMA and my younger brother and I are moving out to the Breckenridge area in mid-October to try to work the ski season and have some good times before getting too serious in the work world.(Possibly room for a third person if there are any takers) I have been to Colorado about 4 or 5 times in the winter and absolutely love it. I was wondering if there are any possible trail riding opportunities between OCT-->MAy? I understand that the weather probably stops alot of the good trails, but I would really like to get in some 4x4 action while we're out there. I am contemplating driving the 87 FJ 60 if I can get a bugs worked out (darn vaccum leaks??, etc), but if not the 92 FJ 80 will be more than willing to go. Any info will be more than appreciated.
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moving out to the Breckenridge area in mid-October to try to work the ski season

There are more trails in the area than you could probably drive, but the problem will be the season in which you'll be doing it and the altitude causing more trails that you will need tracks to make it through. If you get there early enough October, you will have a very good time in and around the summit county area, and should by all means make it down to the Sand Dunes and to Ouray for a weekend. Too many good things to here list, I would suggest buying a Chai at a local book shop and perusing the 4WD books of the area.

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