more offroad pics!!

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Feb 8, 2004
Here's some pics from Tahuya today, we did the north and south loop, had a blast!
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Cool flex shots fzj:cool::cheers:
here's more pics from the south loop!
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you have an awsome camera!

You must tell me what it is
Looks like you dont have any more problems with the traction on these tires....

Nice pics. What camera are you using, D70?
Good Lord, your camera is amazing. I doubt my cannon eos 30D will even turn out pictures like that.

<<<<...then again, maybe it will. :D

Still, simply stunning.
Nice pics FZJ, its even better that I've been there once before.

I'm going to have to head down to Tahuya again once I get my lift and tires on. And Sliders will be soon to follow. I did part of the North side of the loop stock with the rear locked in some spots. Very Fun!

Did others on the trail also think you were a little crazy taking such a "large" truck on those trails?
I have a Nikon D200 and D70, my new Xterrains tires worked great, love em! As far as the size of my rig to my amazement the fjCruiser guys I was with actually thought I had an advantage because my rig "was so much more narrow than there's" Had to check the facts on that when I got home, and as I thought there not, think it's just the tall stance of my rig that through off there perception! I would recommend the south loop to anyone in the area for a great fun run with only a couple tight spots and plenty of axle twisting holes! loved it! -Ken
is there a way to get more picture space on! i.e. donation etc....
buy a star.
go to userCP and then click on Paid subscriptions.
as most have stated already, nice pics!

there were some comments/questions about camera equipment and I do have to say that having good quality body/lenses helps, but it also takes talent to run the camera... completements to the camera operator(s) for having done such a good work
What lift and size tires do you have on the beast?
Here's some pics of Victors 80 from the north loop of Tahuya, it walked right through everything, I think he turned the rear locker on once!
Those pictures are excellent quality.

Nice rig too!

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