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That's about along the same lines as one from the U.S. after exchange.
order one up from tell em youll pick up direct from arb so no shipping. drive to auburn, mount, then give it a test run overnighter. come through the border next day...'what new tent? i bought this last year' :D
trdparts4u has the ARB RTT on for $1239 - at today's exchange rate that's around $1470 or so, plus whatever they ding you at the border. Not bad if you can bypass shipping charges - they're a bitch on these things.
FWIW the pic in the CL ad is not an ARB, looks more like an Eezi Awn?

Aha, a quick google search shows the phone number belongs to National 4WD in Surrey.
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NOw those prices are more like it. Thanks Jeff.

And local too, well kinda, Parksville on the Island. But I had been at Skyview Outdoors in Surrey (kinda right under the Pattullo bridge), where they mentioned they might be getting them in stock.
I love the cheesy youtube commercial.
Just as an FYI (not criticizing the product at all) and this goes for all tents, if you don't have a fly that goes all the way to the ground your tent will leak when it rains. Probably not much of a concern if your sleeping in the truck. I'd like to know what kind of seal they use between the tent and truck, looks like there might be a potential for leakage (either water or mosquitoes).
Actually I see the Model 86000 has a full fly (almost).
There is a new model ARB tent out now
What happens if you can't park next to the flat spot you want your tent to be? Can they be used separately on their own as regular tents?

I have a Sierra designs tent that has the fly that goes all the way to the ground, but I think I paid $400 for it a few years back, but it has stood up very well and keeps us dry.
Glacier Toyota in Smithers brings in a lot of these tents. The price is cheaper than what that ARB tent was... Frank is the guy to talk to.

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