Mobile App for quick access to Torque Specs, Fluids, Etc.

Aug 23, 2019
Columbus OH

I know I haven't been super active here over the last few years I've owned my LC, but this Forum has been immensely helpful on my mechanically eventful journey to ownership. As such, I'm looking to give back where I can and the easiest way I can think of is by leveraging my design/engineering background to create a mobile app that folks hopefully would find useful.

I know there is another thread concerning a "Super-FSM" here. I believe one of the most desirable pieces of functionality from that thread is having access to information like torque specs, fluid volumes, etc. There are a LOT of issues around copyright rules that make it extremely difficult to leverage existing visual diagrams which honestly are the most useful aspects of the FSM. With that said, I'm looking to keep it simple to start.

The timeline on this project is undetermined, but I'm looking to put forth as much time as I can between work and wrenching on my own cruiser.

I'll be posting updates as well as opportunities for testing and feedback in this thread for anyone who might be interested.

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