MLK Weekend

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I could be interested in this. Let me confirm that I don't have any conflicts. What days are you thinking? We could always go back and see if there's any snow at Buzzard's Roost.
I would be getting out of the house around noon on Friday, come back Sunday. And... :worms:
Looking at the northern loop area of GA Traverse route. I have only gone as far as the iron bridge in Aska, ate a burger, and dropped back to asphalt. Will work out the details this week.


I need to talk to the boss but may be able to join as well.
Not gonna make this one. My family which mostly consists of jeep wranglers is going out. I have to go so I can pull them out of the ditches lol.
Crazy! We didn’t get any of the winter storm weather. Only some rain and mild temperatures, but the drive back to Spartanburg was sketchy. Lots of fender benders and a few trucks off the road. After Charles and I split ways I stopped twice to help some drivers that ran off the road. Dang these plastic cars with nothing to attach to.

Anyway, it was a good ride.



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