Misc dumb questions about tensioner, gutter mounts and bypass pipe

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Jul 17, 2018
St louis
Stupid question I know, but before I buy a set of gutter mounts , anyone on here still make em? No roof rack , using them for 2500 arb awning as my fjz wont fit in garage with roof rack.
Also...instead of cleaning chain tensioner , I went ahead and bought a new one. Simple unbolt and replace affair?
And one more for you fjz masters , water bypass pipe is starting to leak, does a new one come with o rings ? I looked at parts fiche and didnt see o-rings .
I've got @TRAIL TAILOR mounts, will be mounting up my new RTT this weekend. I'm mounting direct to the tent, no roof rack. They are really stout, well made, happy with them. My only suggestion on them is to add a couple washers to the stud, since the threaded length is just a bit short. These are unpainted, but I'll have them primed and painted in the next day or so.


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