SOLD Minnesota: LC200 Black Third Row Seat

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Jan 6, 2022
Selling my 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser Black 3rd Row Seat.

3rd row has never been used. Been folded up to the sides it’s entire lifetime. I’m second owner no kids.

Previous owner was local realtor who wasn’t married or had no kids either. Traded this 2013 in for a 2021 HE.

Photos are included. Seats and leather is in mint condition. Indents are just from the seat belt buckle pressing against it while it has been folded to the side this entire time.

Leather still brand new quality. Comes with the eight 14 mm bolts and 4 plastic trim pieces as well if wanted/needed.

Asking for $350 per seat, selling as combo of two. Also buyer pays shipping or can pick up for free in Minnesota.

Let me know if anyone in here is interested before I post it on other Toyota forums. Thanks everyone.




Have to get a new water softener system installed in the house before I can ship out those car seats. Sorry for the delay.

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