Milwaukee M12 Cordless Power Tools

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Jul 9, 2009
Newhall, California
I have been slowly increasing my fleet of Milwaukee M12 Cordless tools as the Home projects come and go, and they have been working great (Affordable, very light, compact, reliable). Now I'm shifting gears back to metal fabrication tools.

Has anyone else purchased/use/used M12 series cordless tools, what are your thoughts?

I have been eyeballing their M12 Cordless Band-saw (Max opening 1-5/8") - Anyone own or use this?



Like all the rest, once you have a fleet of batteries and chargers it is very convenient to continue recruiting the same line. I currently have the older version on the Hackzall above, which has worked incredibly well and eventually I would like to upgrade to the brush-less design above. My garage setup below...

Nice setup.... BIL is a master plumber and has always swore by everything Milwaukee. Ended up getting me a Driver/Drill combo for my birthday this year and the setup has been great. Love the versatility of both items and how compact they are. Not sure if he has the band-saw but he does have the hackzall and loves it. Loves it for the tight spaces but otherwise he takes the full sized M18 sawzall
I have been using the M18 and love them. I had gotten away from battery tools do to the batteries just not holding up. But Milwaukee has changed my mind. I have a drill, impact drill, hacksaw and recently purchased the 5 3/8 circular saw. Works great on cutting holes in lat and plaster walls. I was disappointed that the circular saw didn't come with a battery, but i'm guessing this holds down on sticker shock.
I've gone through a number of cordless tools. It bugs the hell out of me that the batteries don't last as long as the tools do, even when well taken care of and that they are so expensive to buy as spares. Something stinks to high heaven here...
But about the M12, I stayed away from it as the batteries look pretty small. I'm surprised to read that pros would use those much.
I took a lot of my 40 apart with my M12 impact, and put a lot of it back together (carefully) with same. That thing is great for 8mm and 10mm size fasteners. The batteries have held up pretty well, but I just did have one go bad after about 2 years. And, they are expensive to replace.
I have a Dewalt 18 volt impact also, but the M12 Milw is much lighter and seems to have just about as much torque - so it gets most of the use. I am pretty careful with it on usage - if I need more impact torque, I go to the air impacts.
I've been thinking about getting the M12 hackzall. That thing could be handy for a bunch of uses where a sawzall might be overkill.

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