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Sep 26, 2006
Nashville, TN
Does anyone have a source for the fenders that come on the 1/4 ton military trailers, or anything like them? I want to replace the fenders on the trailer I picked up last week, and I like the flat top style. I don't need nor can justify $100 a piece for the AT fenders.
I'm sending you a PM. I have a super clean sand blasted pair. But it won't be too much cheaper than ATs - let me know if you're interested. Otherwise you'll have to fab a new set up yourself...
Have you guys thought of looking for fender flares off of the bigger trailers like an M101A2? My pioneer has some 12" wide ones that are really sturdy. I think they would work great on the smaller M416.

Also, check steelsoldiers:
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they have flat "jeep" fenders at most of the trailers places probably. I think I remember seeing some at Northern Tools even.
Picked up a pair today from a guy with quite a supply of old military gear, they have never been mounted. Pics coming soon.
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