SOLD Michigan: 1990 FJ62

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I picked up this two-tone FJ62 last summer. My original intent was to part it out, but I am having a hard time doing it because I love driving it and it runs great. I've put about 4,000 miles on it and have driven it on 300 mile round trips numerous times, driving to drill with my Air National Guard unit. Everything works except a/c. Since I am hesitant to part it out, I thought about restoring it, but I don't have the time right now. 5 cars is just to much with only 2 drivers in the house.

So, I am offering it for sale. If it doesn't sell, I may part it out. Please don't email me with parts requests, if I decide to do that I will post a part out thread.

1990 FJ62
Engine runs great
Tranny shifts smooth
Interior is excellent
Crack-free dash
Seats are in great condition
245k miles
Has rust on body, but not terrible (previous owner had a heyday with a grinder...and put fiberglass in a couple of spots) :rolleyes:
Frame is rock solid (has undercoat that I imagine has been on a very long time)
External fuel pump (put in by a previous owner)

Maintenance: All parts are Toyota except fluids, exhaust and tires.
New fluids
New Plugs
New Wires
New Distributor Cap
New Rotor
New Fuel filter
New Coil/ignitor
New exhaust tailpipe/muffler
New tires

Has an exhaust leak at the manifold
Needs a new thermostat (I have all the OEM parts, just have not installed it yet)

Parts that will go with it:
New drivers side fender (primed)
rear center caps (need blasted and painted)
both snake blinders
spare wheel with tire
box of miscellaneous items.

There was a leak on the drivers side of the windshield when I purchased the truck. Rain water would come in and drip off the grab handle on the drivers side, and land on the floor. This means it smelled terribly musty when I purchased it, and I still have not gotten the entire smell out. I've had boxes of baking soda in the truck since purchase.
I have sealed the leaking windshield. Also, I pulled the carpet on the drivers side. There is surface rust, but nothing else, and it's now dry. Drivers seat bracket also has rust on it. It could use some rust converter on the footwell where it leaked.

I've got $2,400 into it, so that is what I'll sell it for. Nothing less. If it doesn't sell, I'll keep it or part it out. I've driven it all winter long, 4wd works flawlessly.

Will answer any questions you have and take any pictures you need.





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Can you PM me your contact info? I'm interested and have a few more questions.
$2400 is worth it for the interior and motor. If someone had a clean shell I bet they could put together one pretty nice rig.
If someone has a clean shell, I’d be interested in purchasing it.
Hi Ocho77,

I'm very interested in this FJ62. Could you take a photo of the "box of miscellaneous items" that you mentioned in the above post along with the driver side front fender (primed). I would have to fly from Arizona to pick it up and drive back.

Great value hear.
This is a perfect candidate to build a wheeling rig that you don't worry about the body. With just a rear locker, tires and rock sliders you could have a ball for around $3k and could still comfortably drive on the road.
And lucky me got to drive it to meet the shipper. Well, kind of, because I wish I had bought it after driving it! :bang:

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