Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tires finally installed on the lx470

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Dec 1, 2011
overlooking the Mississippi River @ Memphis
I purchased these off ebay over a month ago... just got the time to install this past sat. paid right at $500 for a set of 4 delivered... took 2days max to show up...

mounted the first one and the guy balancing them said set that one aside for the front it balanced and ran out just about perfect with no added weight.... ok I set that one for the rt front.... he mounted up the second one and same thing... set that one by the left front.... well the 3rd and 4th one mounted up the same none of them had more than one small weight for balance... he said it was one of the best sets of tires he'd ever mounted up...

this is pretty much a street tread tire and we have all but no snow, so it's not an all season tire for everywhere... but this is the lx470 my wife drives everyday and these things are smooth smooth smooth.... cost me $50 for mount & balance so for less than $600 I should be good for the next 50k

I think I posted before these tires are on ebay and they have a 2015 date code... which is a non issue for me... the tires that came off were 5 yrs old... and still pretty good after over 60k miles...
They don't last. Had some on my LX when I bought it. I'm on AT2s on both trucks. Got over 75k miles on last AT2s. Maybe 35-40k miles on the Lats.
I got 50k on the first set of these on the wife's RX350. Could be different on the LX470 I guess. Smooth ride and even wear only two rotations.
I have 15k miles on these tires on my lx470 and they are almost bald. Have same tires on my 2011 Cayenne with 43k on tires and they have more tread than the lx470 with 15k on the tires. YMMV
I remembers something about these tires. The 100 is too heavy for them. The LTX MS or whatever model Michelin is on now is the best street tire for 100 series.
Thanks for the info...I'll keep you posted.... I was in the hope I'd get 40-50k out of them.... they do ride really well....

Of course YMMV, but just want to share that the PO of my LC installed 4 tires on 06/11 from Costco. The receipt does not show the exact miles, but at 09/11 LC had oil change at 158K. I replaced that set at around ~210K. I could probably get another few thousand miles, but decided to replace with the KO2 that I have bought several months earlier. My LC is at stock weight - no bumper, slider, etc.

I drove from KY to Orlando and back on these last year. Even when they were on their last thread, they rode well. Smooth and quiet. They are much lighter than KO2, I think 8-10lbs IIRC.

At $500 for 4, that is a great deal in my book.
Size? Do you have pictures?
For som reason , I just have not been able to get the 100 ride nice on any 275/70 16 tires (they have all been street tires Yokohama ,michelin ). The studied Winter tires are 265/70 and it always been nice to get them on, the ride is so much better - no tram lining. So now I'm ditching my Michelin lat HP tour 275's and waiting for BFG AT KO2 , 265/75 -16 ,that I ordered. I've had the michelin's for 9 years now, and there is still a lot of thread left, so I think they last , but the truck is all over the road ! Hope the BFG's are an improvment !

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