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Apr 1, 2006
Loveland, CO
:bounce::bounce2: Our next trip will begin on Saturday August 4th, we will be meeting at Vern's place in La Porte if you want breakfast be there at 8:00 AM, if not we will be leaving at 9:00AM. We will be going up Bald Mountain for our annual clean-up. For those of us who want to camp the return trip will include Greenridge trail on Sunday. This is a great trip to include the whole family, Cool off in the higher elevations and just plain have a great time! :bounce::bounce2:

Congratulations to Kevin Bahas the newest member of our club!
:crybaby: :frown:Sorry Guys! Paul & I aren't going to make it we have some unexpected company from New York.:crybaby: :frown:
If all goes well today The wife and I will be coming and bringing at least one Jeep friend.
I just got back from a road trip, "13hr Drive : Bringing a 2008 Honda CRV back from Central IL", soon to be released on paperback. :lol: :p :hillbilly: Hope everyone had a good time and were able to run Green Ridge also. Frank said he would make it through to 300 and drive back to Red Feather Lakes and head home. I got a call from Donald when starting out in IL about departure time at Vern's, but not sure if you all met up.


Fun times!

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