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Club President, Battle Born Cruisers
Mar 6, 2010
Reno, NV
Below is a list of meeting minutes for each meeting starting August 2020. The thread is locked to keep it straight forward and easy to find the documents.

Please comment in the meeting announcement if you have questions or comments about the content of the minutes.

Attached are the by-laws approved by club officers. Please message me directly with questions, recommendations, etc.


  • Bylaws-Ratified-022021.pdf
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Here are the Minutes for September. Please let m know of any correction.

BBCNN Minutes, September 10, 2020

Attending Officers: President Tony Farson Secretary Mark Weeks and Treasurer Will Berry

Attending Members: Dan Johnson, Greg Fiscaro , Leland Pate

Guests: Airon Pena

  1. Next Meeting Date & Place: October 8th 2020 Washoe Lake State Park-South Beach. We are looking for another place for winter. The fire department in Washoe area may be an option. Most still prefer outdoor place when weather and bugs allow.

  1. Club run: Eldorado Canyon October 10th. Meet time is 9:00 at the Sinclair station just before the light in Dayton. Trail is about a 2.5 on a 5 point scale of difficulty. Some rocky parts that may need some spotting. At least 33s recommended and rocker panel protection a good idea.

  1. Run for September to Pevine cancelled due to all trails and roads closed in CA due to fires and smoke

  1. Land Use: Jumbo grade clean-up was mentioned but none were available to attend. Maybe next year

  1. Accounting Report: We have a bank at Heritage Bank! The current balance is 3036.92. 40.00 dollars used to purchase new checks. Treasurer will work on securing funds from previous account. Future expense-having a graphic design artist work on a new design for our Logo/design on our shrirts

  1. Dues, stickers and apparel:
As a reminder: we are still working on designs for new logo for shirts.

Time for annual dues. Dues, $20.00, run from January to January.

  1. Other: Does anyone remember the date the club was founded.
Thanks for putting the notes together @Krusty Krab!

BBCNN Minutes, January 14th , 2021

  1. Attending Officers - President Tony Farson, Secretary Mark Weeks and Treasurer Will Berry. Our VP is enjoying the sunshine somewhere south.
  2. Attending Members - Ryan Eklund, Will Dawson, Victor Nelson, Leland Pate, Justin Pryor, Steve Pryor, Dan Johnson, Greg Fiscaro
  3. Guests - None attending
  • Next Meeting Date & Place February 11th, 2021.
  • Club Run - Day Run to Lagomasino Petroglyphs on Saturday February 20th, 2021.
  • Land Use - Nothing discussed
  • Accounting Report - Will reports a balance of 3,403.00.
    • Time for annual dues. Dues, $20.00, run from January to January.
    • 9 people paying their dues.
    • For those of you who like to mail in dues please send them to our treasurer @DesertLake (Will Berry) for his mailing address.
  • Other
    • TLCA Chapter - Battle Born Cruisers is a TLCA chapter again. @reklund5 was elected our TLCA Delegate for the next two years.
    • Progress has been made on the new logo for the apparel. Stay tuned for a logo that will be specific to most FJs and can be ordered online.
    • We will be setting up a commerce service with Battle Born Clothing where members can order a variety of products with our logo.
    • A new website is in the works with added features including a secure members only location and a link to the commerce store.
    • Handout cards will be available soon for all members to try to recruit new Toyota 4x4 owners to the club. Stay tuned.
    • We are trying to obtain a contact sheet for active members. If you do not plan on attending a meeting soon please reach out to @Krusty Krab with your contact details. It would be for convenience when contacting each other for run info and organizational needs. Also handy for emergency contacts should someone break down on the trail, etc.
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