Meet and Greet Swapmeets - Post Your Parts Here

Aug 17, 2005
Forest Falls, CA
If someone wants to take the ball and start organizing one, im game to show up with stuff.

I'd even be willing to have it at my shop here in Anaheim.

There was just a huge garage sale for TLC's not too long ago.. not 80 stuff only though.

Up to you all.


Jul 4, 2007
San Diego is pretty far away. I'm down if Big D. hosts it in the big A.

I've got some stuff I need to get rid of, now that I've downsized garages.


beside La Caja China
Sep 30, 2005
Ventura Ca. USA
any interest in doing one of these soon?

maybe at Turf n Surf then?

Okay dammit...
Lets do this...

Ventura State Beach, there's a Food Truck that sells Oysters and they have a few picnic tables out there with grills for you to use and a ginormous parking area.

Who wants to roll up to the beach, send the kids out to get all crumb donuted, while the dudes gawk at rigs and jabber jaw about stuff and then grill up some lunch?

I'm thinking some saturday in february, 11th? meet at 1-ish and just hang out till whenever?

you don't have to buy the oysters to use the tables, but you'll have a hard time not doing so..they are awesome.
and they will cook them up for you too, if you want to just buy lunch and bolt home.

it is a great location to start a bike ride loop also. Ojai isnt too far north from here and theres a bike path that hugs the ocean for a bit.
there is camping on the water at Emma Wood or along the Rincon Parkway.

I'd be up for meeting at the Rincon with a growler and a BBQ and staying the night till Sunday morning if you guys wanted to.
Rincon is a first come first served thing, but it's a mile long of spots. I think it would be epic to have the place lined up with RTT's on rigs. They don't allow tents on the ground there, as you are 5 feet from the water edge.

Lets get some chatter going.

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