Meet and Greet Location Vote

Where should we hold the 2010 SOCAL80's M&G?

  • Hungry Valley SVRA

    Votes: 7 38.9%
  • Anza Borrego

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Truckhaven Hills/Octollio

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • Big Bear /San Bernardino Mtns

    Votes: 8 44.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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I want to vote for anywhere but Hungry Valley SVRA! :)
I want to vote for anywhere but Hungry Valley SVRA! :)

Since it's Mothers day weekend, I can only show up for Saturday and Hungry Valley is way too far to drive for just the day. I am gonna wait to cast my vote but am leaning towards Big Bear.
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I think big bear is centrally located and a good day trip for all....

I think gold mtn would be a great trail for everyone, just hard enough for a challenge but not impossible for most vehicles, it is short as well, which would allow for "bs" time.

HV is a bit far for me for a day trip.

I think we may have to scratch Big Bear area.... NAXJA is having their SoCalFest up there that weekend , i just found out. It was supposed to be this weekend.

Not only that, but Big Bear and probably Gorman area will probably still be a muddy mess from this storm going thru this week.
Upper or Lower? I've never been to upper and it's a little closer to you guys in the north.
I was personally thinking lower - love it up there. I've never done upper either, but it doesn't close as far as I know like lower does.
Upper C.C. isn't all that exciting, unless you feel like tackling some obstacles by going up Horse Canyon. H.C. is one of my favorites, but expect (fun IMO) challenges.
I was thinking lower. Brent and I could head out Friday and establish base camp... Saturday all who wants to can head down the canyon and go explore/wheel.

We need to nail something down quickly...
Upper is cool. I think it closes at the same times as lower. Plus there is Santa Rosa Truck Trail (easy) and Sawmill Trail (harder) close by for those who do not want to do UCC. Only problem is lack of any larger city near by for supplies unless someone wanted to go into Temecula.
Ok, our two top choices is Coyote Canyon and Hungry Valley.

Lets pick one... and quickly please.

Hungry Valley for all you who dont know is up near Magic Mtn north of Los Angeles. Not all that remote, close to facilities, food and supplies. Easy for people to do day trips. Mountain landscape. Easy access from the main highway for stock vehicles.

Coyote Canyon is northwest of Anza Borrego and is remote as can be. No facilities, supplies are distant and no one would come out for the day. Desert landscape, come prepared. Far from the highway and has a water crossing and a cobblestone climb up to camp.

One is north SOCAL and One is Southern SOCAL. Two very different directions.

You guys pic... lets make this happen!
Lower Coyote.
I'm in for Coyote Canyon.

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