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Sep 30, 2012
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  1. 40 Series
Maryland, United States
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$27,500? 98% Stock 1975? Must be a price typo...

Bethesda Maryland Craigslist

West coast, clean survivor! Original paint and factory pinstriped in very good condition. Original seats, front and rear, are in great shape too! Original 2F Motor, 4 speed Transmission, Axles, etc. It runs and drives perfectly, ready for anything. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive this from here to Alaska, tomorrow. Starts right up in sub-freezing temps and Does NOT overheat in the 100 degree heat of Moab, (had it there last year 😎).

130,728 miles.
98% stock/OEM.

Currently holds a Nevada title. I just moved from the Lake Tahoe area in June, when the Navy issued me three year orders to serve at Walter Reed Hospital. It took a bit of convincing, with my wife, to haul this FJ across the country when we left NV, but she understood that these are like unicorns out here in the rust belt and agreed that I’d likely not find another like it. My intent was to enjoy the FJ here in D.C., try to extend my assignment here for a 4th year, to get me to a 20 year retirement, and then take this FJ to where ever we landed in retirement.

Unfortunately though, the Navy has other plans. My orders have changed, and we’re moving out of D.C. at the end of next month. I’m not wanting to move this “Novelty Truck”, as my wife calls it 😉, a few thousand miles across the country again as we’ve not been able to find a suitable house with a garage at our destination and our future geography and finances don’t as readily fit “Dad’s Toy” into the plans as well as it did here in D.C. So, if you’ve been looking for a clean one of these that hasn’t been painted over, here’s your chance!

It has been been garaged it’s whole life, including here in D.C since we arrived this summer.
The first few photos of this post are from the garage of our rental home where it currently sits near the Bethesda Golf Course. Other photos are from Nevada in 2019, the week that I bought it. I’ve put just over 2000 miles on it, since selling my green project FJ to fund this turn key ready Gem!

Previously registered in Idaho (2004-2008) and was a one-owner rig in California before that (1975-2004).

Items added by original owner:
-Warn 8000lb Winch up front (Works Great!) and a 3500lb Winch tucked under the rear bumper.
-2” Tow Ball off of OEM Rear Bumper.
-Modern Pioneer Radio Deck & Speakers in custom floor mounts (Did not cut holes for them).
-Diamond Plate Aluminum Rear Corner Protectors (these were preventative).
-CB Radio

All new/refreshed stuff in the last 5K miles:

-Front Disc & Rear Drums Brakes
-Radiator, Heater Core, Heater Control Valve & all Hoses
-Tune Up: Plugs, Points, Cap & Rotor, Carburetor Rebuild with new seals and rubber lines.
-Ignition system totally rewired with a modern fuse block and an anti-theft electrical kill lock.
-Two Battery (Deep Cycle) system with new cables.
-4” Lift-Rock Shields-Pro-Comp HD Shocks.
-New U-Joints and balancing of the rear drive shaft.
-TieRod Ends and drag link steering bar (alignment is perfect and wheel is straight)
-New OEM headliner. Roll Bar Pads, Dash and grab bar pads and Grey Carpet Kit.
-Window seals (next to Glass)....(*Does need new door Jam seals! They are brittle and crumbling!)
-5 BFG All Terrain Tires with “Old School” Chrome Spoke Wheels (will include 70’s era Outlaw Aluminum Mags that I retained off of my green project FJ, pictured )
-ARB Brand AFTERMARKET Front Bumper, Tow Bar, and Nerf Bars under the doors.
-New Winch Cable and Hook (I have the original, in decent shape)
-Door Mirrors (I have the original window post, round mounts in great shape. For when the top and doors are off)
-Super Bright L.E.D. Flood Lights are mounted in the OEM Mirror holes)
-All Fluids: Transmission, transfer case, axels, and of course engine oil.

No “body cancer” rust! Structurally 99% intact. There’s a small few cracks in areas around the sheet metal fender mounts (from washboard dirt road vibration) and body rivets some and superficial rust up on the rain gutter and paint chips on the front (again, dirt roads). Beautiful, old paint patina in a few thin spots on the hood edges.

Drop me a line and I’ll answer any questions not answered by the description and photos.
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(I will only entertain slightly less $ for someone here in person, ready to buy. I’m not desperate to sell. If I don’t find an enthusiastic buyer out here, I’ll ship it to my parent’s place in Denver and list it this summer).





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Jul 19, 2013
Las Vegas
Ohhh the green one was another one of his, I see now. I wish he would have left it in Tahoe. This could be great if there's no rust below the diamond plate, are those original pin stripes? needs to lower the price a little too
Nov 4, 2020
Boone, NC
Ohhh the green one was another one of his, I see now. I wish he would have left it in Tahoe. This could be great if there's no rust below the diamond plate, are those original pin stripes? needs to lower the price a little too
why the diamond plate if not to cover something?

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