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Aug 2, 2006
well every year leading up to mcgrew it seems that i am scrambling to get my mini ready to go. in fact i have been known to finish my "mods" actually at the trail head and on the trail. my list last year was the new bumper, paint job and hydro assit.

this year my mods consist of the final mods to fit the 42s, some sheetmetal cutting and pounding, i had to cut the rear bumper back from the tires. the new turn signals and finally this year i am mounting the york pump for OBA.
heres a couple pics from the york project.
these pics are some rough bracketry pics.
getting closer
cleaned up the pump and parts
and on the truck
figuring out my hoses, these are stock yota A/C hoses that i kept from my runner.
my pile o' plumbing.
those fxxxing harbor freight special LEDs full of water, weak i bought some new ones from withams truck stop, the new ones are "trucklites" brand, havent installed yet, but its only two minutes.
i picked up the viair pressure switch from wheeler offroad, he made mention of garret not buying his OME parts from them...
those guys are chill there and were talking about coming to mcgrew ride this year, in fact when i was there jerods letter was sitting on his desk.

at this point i am in need of an air tank, some hose and a couple misc things like a check valve, blowoff valve, gauge and in cab switch.
i will add more as i progress. i am looking for an air tank in a 8"x 24-30" persuasion, to mount under the bed somewhere. i also plan on finishing the in cab controls for the winch. i still need to reweld caps onto the bumpers to close up the ends. i also am wanting to reenforce the steering stops and get them adjusted.
the list this year is relatively short, i am going to end up helping getting my brothers truck ready. he is putting in another motor, servicing the front axle and adding e lockers at both ends.

kind of a funny tidbit, when ty and i did his bushing we built a jig to make sure the bushings would line up with the holes in the axle, well the bolts ended up being the right thread i needed to remove the clutch from the york pump, thank god for small favors, one less trip to the hardware store.

anyway post up with your mods if any...
I got your air tank, it's bigger than you want, but the price is right;); 0.00 pesos.

I'll charge my camera and post a pic in a few, it measures 33"x14", was a lay down tank with a motor and pump bolted on top but the motor and compressor bits bit the dust a long time ago, it still has the handle and wheels, I trip over it more than I ever use it.

.......I need a couple light tabs welded to my bumper if I can ever make it down there, if the :princess: gives me a pass I can pre-run the trail with you guys and ....... :meh:

I'll be cruising thru K Falls Thursday and returning via white city, medford G Pass, etc.. in the work rig, I'll throw it in the back and drop it somewhere convenient or we can meet somewhere. 35nine 7545 area 541 is my cell, the work cell is 9one2 0184 same area.
bucket for scale, boiler for hot water.
Nice work Aric, you planning on knocking this stuff out by the pre-run or just by the official July run? Also noticed I used to half that exact model washer and I turn my can tabs to the right also...:hmm: interesting. The guys at Wheeler are cool, I should make a trip in to hassle them since it's been a while.

Mods for me: Upgraded to 35's not too long ago and have been working on converting my ARB turn signals to semi fogs but haven't been impressed yet.
Was that Special K in the backround of pic 4? No but seriously very clean work!! You did an outstanding job fabbing up those mounts and such! Nice work!

For me...I'm thinkin' I should get my skids back up...not thinkin' I'll get the rear bumper finished, but stranger things have happened :)
Lookin good.

Why don't people seal thier bumpers and use them for air?

Someone defenitely needs to nail down Wheeler. I just dropped $1,600 with Cdan. $150 of which is core charges and shipping I'll never see again. It would be nice to buy local. The last time I bought from Wheeler they told me no tlca discount.:crybaby:
Looks good Aric :)

Hoping to get some sliders on mine before then...... :)

gabe - how are yours turning out ;) anymore pics?
before i built this bumper i was planning on capping and plumbing the smittybuilt as a tank. theres kust not enough volume in the new bumper for that action.

tblume, thanks for the offer but that thing is just too big.
if worse comes to worse i may just hit white city metal and built one.
gabe - how are yours turning out ;) anymore pics?

Nope. The person helping me went MIA.

Too bad too. Next time I was going out to GP I had some goodies. :D
Well done Eric.
I am very envious of your progress. I have been planing to do an air on board conversion for some time
now on my Fj40. It is time for me to hit the wrecking yards to locate the hardware and components. Any
words of wisdom or leads would be appreciated.
hope to see you at the McGrew pre-run
Woohoo, so the :princess: bought me an early b-day gift......

Used Slee Sliders :D..... Just got to pick them up in P-town. Stocked.

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