Massachusettes wheeling?

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Jun 30, 2003
are there any trails in easter mass? within a few hours of boston? ??? ??? ???
not sure about eastern mass but westen mass is littered with trails,some real tough ones too.
Peepers, if you haven't checked us out yet go to, get on our mailing list. Someone is always organizing weekend runs in Mass and NH. 8) A good group of Toyota people!
thanks fellas, and gals if you happen to be out there....

lists lists and more lists :D
Whats up..
i just moved from boston to Shrewsbury. I have an 80 series. There arent too many trails towards boston..but there are a few around milford, ma..and another trail called MA BELL (forgot where it is though..sorry). There are some other guys on this board from MA also. LANDTANK (Aka rick) from the 80 series board is from MA.

I have been searchhing for trails also..but, not too lucky. I did come acrosss a group of guys that seem to have extensive knowledge of ma trails to ride. here is their websight.

I havent looked them up yet..but, i am thinkign about it.

also..there is a place in NH called MOUNT MADNESS..i think you can off road there too.

Finally, i know that there is a ....dare i say...LAND ROVER offroad driving course somewhere in NH or VT (i forget).

Anyways..if you hear of anything let me know..i would like to go out sometime.

oh..what kind of rig to you have?

-Joe M. -
Just to warn you guys but Florida Road is under debate as to whether or not it is legal wheeling...It is legal but do not cross the water hole/marsh near the end....there is a legal battles going on as we speak over this.

Second..please do not post directions to trails in Mass/NH(which is illegal to wheel in unless it is private property and you have written permission from the land owner)/Ct areas...reason is they are so few and far between that as soon as ppl post directions they get out of hand and get shut down. We are down to 2 maybe 3 good wheeling spots in Mass, Nothing legal in CT, and NH total shut you see..wheeling on the east is sucking pretty bad right now unless you know ppl with private property....

check out for more info on NH land issues and the fight to wheel there....

Stewart Semeraro
Yankee Toys President
-S.A.- : "Finally, i know that there is a ....dare i say...LAND ROVER offroad driving course somewhere in NH or VT (i forget)."

I am not sure if this is the same you are talking about but there is a Land Rover course in Manchester, VT. Actually, it is no longer in partnership with Land Rover (as of recently) but it is a private course they use for an off-road driving school. I know the manager, he drives a 70's FJ40 but I don't know what the policy is non-school rigs. I bet you could find more info online, I am currently in SC at school, otherwise I'd stop by for you. Run a search for "Land Rover" and "Manchester, VT."
It's become harder to find places all over. In northern VT people are very secretive about their spots. All the ones I know of are illegal.
Im a little late but, anyways. If any of you going through RI you can start on the power lines on rt 146 or rt 295. Basiclly just pull into the trails and off you go.
Alot of the power lines intersect the AT&T underground fiberoptic cable trails.
If you are not fimilar with these, AT&T has these cables buried under some pretty decent trails through the state of RI and they run into MA and CT.
They are not posted or anything, just some signs that say contact AT&T before you are going to dig any holes.
On another note, I think its kinda not to cool to say dont give out directions to local trails. I could see if you owned it and people were trespassing on your property.
If it says POSTED/NO TRESPASSING, then your average stand up cruiser owner is not going to wheel it anyway.
Not telling people how to get to local trails is just being greedy.
I know that there have been problems with some of the trails in milford"aka vietnam"
, but that area has been posted as far as I can remember, so anybody that wheels it or has "trail runs" there has been trespassing from day one.
Just because the no trespassing signs are there on Sat, but ripped down on Sun, doesnt mean its not posted anymore.
Before wheeling an area similar to that, even if there arent any posted signs, you should still try to get the land owners okay.

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