Marlin's Toybox

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Mar 27, 2003
Can someone explain Marlin's toybox to me :)? I've got a sm465 and a mini t-case. Does the Toybox simply act as an adapter between the 2, or does it provide a gear reduction also?

thx, eric
Adapter and gear reduction.

My understanding is that it is to be installed between the transmission and the existing t-case, for additional gear reduction...

Have you been to his site?

Yes, I have. Just couldn't follow all the options. It shows a front portion and a rear portion plus a complete assembly. Does the complete assembly come with whatever tranny and t-case are listed (ie sm465 and TLC t-case)? That seems insanely cheap to get all that for $999.

thx, eric
I am pretty sure his goal was to keep this right around a grand...

Sound right to me.

No, I'm not. I've got a sm465, np205, and centered rear. I want to toss the 205 and its adapter to reduce drivetrain length. I've got a spare mini t-case laying around (or will on Wed). I want to know if the Toybox provides an additional reduction over my mini t-case.

Ok, what the toybox is, is the reduction housing off a mini truck tcase. Then you get adapters for what ever you are adapting to. If you are running a mini truck tcase then all you need is the doubler set up( two reduction housings). I'm just got done installing my toybox. I went sm420-toybox-splitcase. That is the shortest way to go that I know of. The split case has no extra reduction housing, all reduction is in the case. o yeah and no parking break on it.
I am eventually planning this as well. The toybox seems like one of the easiest ways to get insanely low gearing. The kits are a little confusing, but the forum on his site is very informative.

For my application I need the SM420 to mini-truck adapter and the mini-truck to 3sp FJ xfer adapter. I think the current pricing is around $780. I already have the mini-truck case.

7.05 1st
2.28 mini-truck
2.31 FJ
4.11 diff gears

152.61:1 final crawl ratio

Maybe this summer :D
you end up effectively with two t-cases. You adapt the toybox to the tranny with adapter 1, and the toybox to the 2nd t-case with adapter two. The Toybox has 2-3 different gearing options as well.

I've got a minicase (toybox adapter ready) and a 60-series split case on the shop floor....once my link suspension work is done and tested, that's next on my list.

Marlin is also testing a really sweet modified Toyota minitruck transfercase that allows front wheel drive only....I know SpaceGhost is awaiting release for his competition Cruiser (currently getting Rockcrusher D60's installed)
Thanks for the replies. I have a t-case out of an '81 mini. How painful will it be to mate it to the Toybox? I want 465->toybox->mini t-case. Any thoughts on how the length of this combo will compare to a np205 w/adapter to sm465?

thx, eric

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