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Apr 14, 2008
Where Rock Crawling Started Fresno, CA
Marlin Crawler YouTube Videos

We've been having a lot of fun producing new YT videos and would like to share them here in this one thread!

So kick back and enjoy some of our videos, and if you'd like to support our channel, then please consider subscribing by clicking our YouTube Subscribe Link here:


We also have the following Playlists created:
Marlin Crawler TacoBox Videos
Marlin Crawler Round Up Videos
Marlin Crawler's 2012 King Of The Hammers Videos

Thank you and Happy Crawl'n from Marlin Crawler!

580:1 Triple Case Demonstration

Watch as BigMike demonstrates his 2016 Tacoma TRD Sport with a Marlin Crawler Triple Ultimate 28:1 8-speed transfer case setup totaling 56 different speeds (48-forward, 8-reverse) and a 580:1 final drive Crawl Ratio.

Thanks to the Marlin Crawler, this truck's transfer case now has 8 different gears for a combined reduction of 27.54:1. Available t/case gear ratios are all selectable as follows:
1. 1.00 * City/Highway driving
2. 2.28 * To demonstrate factory Hilux gear ratio
3. 4.70 * Marlin Crawler Chromoly Total-Spline gear ratio
4. 2.57 * Stock Tacoma gear ratio
5. 5.86 * To demonstrate "Double Low" Marlin Crawler ratio
6. 10.72 * To demonstrate "Dual Ultimate" Marlin Crawler Hilux-style gear ratio
7. 12.08 * To demonstrate "Dual Ultimate" Marlin Crawler Tacoma-style gear ratio
8. 27.54 * Crazy, ridiculous "Triple Ultimate" Marlin Crawler gear ratio

The Marlin Crawler TacoBox provides the following benefits:
- Increased Traction
- Increased Torque
- Increased Control
- Increased Reaction Time
While simultaneously...
- Decreased bouncing
- Decreased risk of breaking...anything
- Decreased trail abuse
- Decreased overall risk to both vehicle, occupants, and cargo

For more details, a comprehensive FAQ is posted to the video as a pinned/top comment on YouTube

See how a Dual Case can take your truck to an entirely new level

Here is an excellent TacoBox demonstration showcasing the speed differences between Stock Low Range, Dual Low Range, and Quintuple Low Range, which is the full gauntlet of speeds you get when you install a Marlin Crawler TacoBox into your auto or manual 1995 and newer Tacoma, 4Runner, T100, FJ Cruiser, Tundra, Sequoia, & GX470.

This video was created to showcase that on difficult obstacles, going fast can actually be slower than Crawling, where you let the truck search for traction in a safe and controlled manner which is only possible with the low gearing from the TacoBox.

Dual Case Engine Compression Braking Demonstration

In this video we demonstrate the difference in Engine Compression Braking with the stock Toyota t/case low range gear ratio (2.57:1) versus our Dual Ultimate TacoBox t/case gear ratio (12.08:1). If you've ever wished for more off-road control, traction, comfort, and reaction time on steep descents, then give this a watch! The Marlin Crawler TacoBox reduces risk, breakage, damage, bouncing, and trail abuse on steep descents.

Using a Starter to verify Dual Case Load Reduction

In this video we demonstrate how much load is being reduced on the drive train by engaging our Marlin Crawler Dual Case Transfer Case System.

Comparisons shown are:
Stock Low Range (2.28:1)
Marlin Crawler Stock Dual Case (2.28:1 x 2.28:1 = 5.20:1)
Marlin Crawler Dual Ultimate (2.28:1 x 4.70:1 = 10.72:1)

For vehicles with start-cancel bypasses, having the Starter function so effortlessly on incredibly steep climbs is just another way the Marlin Crawler adds Control and Security to the driver and truck. You no longer have to disengage gears and trust the brakes to hold you while cranking: You let the Marlin Crawler do the work from the comfort and control of the driver seat!

We manufacture Dual Transfer Case Setups for most 1979 and newer Toyota 4WD trucks and SUVs including Automatic, Manual, Carbureted, Fuel Injected, 4cyl, 6cyl, and 8cyl applications.

To see some historical photos of the World Famous 1980 "Crawler Truck", please see our Vintage Photo Gallery here: Vintage "Crawler Truck" Pictures | Marlin Crawler, Inc.

The Crawler Truck has a 2.7-liter 4cyl Tacoma 3RZ-FE smog-legal Engine conversion with a Triple Ultimate Marlin Crawler Transfer Case setup resulting in a 1,148:1 final drive / Crawl Ratio.

Automatic Dual Case TacoBox Demonstration in 3rd gear (91:1)

Here is Wyatt of showcasing the high level of control the TacoBox provides in his Dual Case 2005 Automatic 4.0-liter Tacoma. In this clip, Wyatt has shifted his A750F automatic into 3rd gear (1.40:1) and our TacoBox into Dual Ultimate (12.08:1 t/case ratio) resulting in a 90.98:1 final drive / Crawl Ratio. This is equivalent to a 182:1 to 227:1 manual transmission setup - a very popular Crawl Ratio range for manual owners - and yet this is only in 3rd gear with an auto!


Can't decided if you should get a new Jeep or a new Toyota? By installing a Marlin Crawler TacoBox, the gearing of your Toyota becomes more capable off-road than 99% of all Jeeps of any model from any era with any modification. Period.

Don't think your Toyota can off-road like a Jeep? In first gear, the Marlin Crawler TacoBox provides over 3-times more control, more traction, more torque, more reaction time, less bouncing, less breakage, less abuse, and less risk than both a JK and JL Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Remember: Marlin created the Rock Crawling industry with a Toyota!

In this truck shown:
First gear Automatic Crawl Ratio: 229:1
Equivalent manual transmission ratio: 458:1 to 572:1 (depending on torque converter temperature and load)
The TacoBox may be disengaged at any time returning the vehicle back to it's 100% stock on- and off-road driving characteristics.

MarRack Stress-test: Heavy Duty Toyota IFS Steering System

BigMike took his Triple Ultimate TacoBox-equipped 2016 Tacoma out for the first stress-testing of our new prototype Marlin Crawler MarRack 2005 and newer Heavy Duty Toyota IFS Steering System, possibly the strongest street-legal Tacoma/4Runner/FJ Cruiser/GX470 steering system ever made!

It's a known fact that stock tie rods fail with as little as 33" tires, and the stock steering rack fails with as little as 35" tires. Testing this with both 40" tires and the incredible torque from a 580:1 gear ratio was a great way to warm up the MarRack for some wheel'n.

The stress-testing preformed was multiple takes in a climb at full steering lock into a rock that is applying a large load against the tire, trying to push the tire straight. BigMike had to force the steering wheel into the rock to hold the line with his 40-inch tires.

Prototype v2.0 will be built summer/fall 2018 with additional testing needed before a final product can be released. Please follow BigMike's build thread for more info from future updates: BigMike's Big Journey: A 2016 Tacoma Build Thread

Truck: 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport V6 AC 6MT
Gear ratio shown: 1st gear at a 580:1 Triple Marlin Crawler TacoBox gear reduction
Tires: 40" x 13.5" x 17" Cooper Discoverer SST Pro @ 4 PSI
Wheels: American Racing 17" x 9" AX757 Chamber Pro II

Casual TacoBox Dual & Triple Transfer Case Demo

BigMike showed Rich from the Toyota Trucks & Trails Podcast a few ways to demo the Marlin Crawler TacoBox Transfer Case setup, including redlining the engine in both forward and reverse, a small version of Marlin's famous "Wood Trick", and a 2WD Dual Low Range burn-out at an idle with full brakes being applied.

If you love Toyota trucks and podcasts, then we highly recommend Jason and Rich's Toyota Trucks & Trails Podcast!
Toyota trucks and trails podcast

Short & simple 235:1 Tacoma Dual Case Demo

Here is a short & simple demonstration of BigMike's 2016 3rd gen Tacoma idling uphill in 1st gear with no driver (aka "Walking The Crawler") at a 235:1 Crawl Ratio courtesy of a Marlin Crawler TacoBox Dual Transfer Case Setup.

Marlin Crawler Performance in muddy conditions

Even the spotter couldn't believe it! This video comes from the 11th annual FJ Summit event in Ouray, Colorado (Home | FJ Summit), on July 20, 2017, after having returned from Black Bear Pass.

The slowest Rock Course Speed Run at the 2018 Texas Jamboree

BigMike shows the crowd at this year's Lone Star Round Up something they've probably never seen before on a timed speed run course: Triple Transfer Case @ 580:1.

2018 Toyota Lone Star Jamboree Lone Star Toyota Jamboree

Video Credits: John Metzgar and Brad Cooper.
Ending Picture Credit: Ian Womack from System Crash Media

Downhill with NO driver in a 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Having your truck idle on its on up a hill is very impressive, but doing this safely downhill with no brakes requires an entire new level of control!

Watch as we demonstrate the amazing control and increase of traction that comes with installing our Marlin Crawler Dual Case TacoBox system into a 1995 or newer Toyota automatic or manual 4WD truck or SUV.


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