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Nov 4, 2009
Paradise Valley, AZ
It is with great sadness I make this post.

In the interest of everyone's health, we have officially decided to not to hold the March monthly meeting (scheduled for 3/20/2020).

As of the time of writing this post, the following ROTM's are still scheduled to happen.

Tortolita Trail (3/20/2020)
March ROTM to Montana Mountain (3/21/2020)
Northern AZ CSC Meeting (3/28/2020)
Arizona Peace Trail (Starting 4/5/2020)
Mt. Ord TRAL Clean-up (4/4/2020)
April Classic Cruise (4/25/2020)

Please keep checking MUD to get the latest information on each of these events.

Thank you for your understanding, get out on the trails and stay safe.
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Apr 3, 2019
Scottsdale, AZ
As stated above, the March ROTM is still a go, but I will be keeping an eye on any additional advisories (or more likely, edicts) concerning unnecessary travel. Yes, just getting out and about is considered travel. Most everything I'm seeing indicates there could be severe restrictions put in place and we will abide by those restrictions. I don't think most people are fully grasping what it's going to take to slow this thing down, and if the crowds in Old Town Scottsdale this past weekend are any indication, things will probably get a lot worse as a result.

While I think a few rigs following each other on a desert trail is a low risk activity, it still puts us out in public filling the gas tank or picking up snacks and that is something we will take into consideration as continued guidance comes out.

For those interested, Johns Hopkins is doing the best job I've seen so far tracking this thing, and as I write this there have been about 7,115 deaths globally and 181,200 cases. That works out to 3.9% mortality rate for a virus that appears to have a 2% mortality rate. This means we should expect at least 350,000 cases based on the current death toll, so there are still a lot folks out there who have it, may not be symptomatic and therefore haven't been tested but can spread the virus. That gap between the 181,200 known cases and the expected 350,000 cases based on the death toll, represents a lot of opportunity for this to continue to spread. Some estimates suggest that an infected person who goes about their normal daily lives would infect 2.5 other people. Do the math and the need for everyone to stop doing things normally should be apparent.

The Johns Hopkins map is here: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
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