For Sale Man-a-fre wilwood front disc brake kit

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Feb 3, 2013
these were on my 75 for a few years and i loved them. i changed out the knuckles and they no longer fit. i bought them new from the person that sold me my piggy.

Just a quick note about the kit. the kit from man-a-fre comes with aluminum brackets the person who sold them to me had the brackets remade in steel obviously its much stronger. i have the original aluminum if you are so inclined to use them.

id like to get 300 for it.

I have these on my 70. They work well.
Info for a prospective buyer:
These will only work on hubs that were drum brakes from factory.
You will need 5 new bolts that are longer than the stock. 30 mm I believe.
Those rotors look good so it will be a while before you need new ones. However, MAF has a different rotor and the hat size is a little different. The plus with this is that you bolt the rotor between the wheel and hub. So taking it off is easy. The bad part is that it requires the calipers to be spaced about 2 washers thickness from the original mounting point for the braking surface to line up.

Otherwise, its a solid buy. GL

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