Major Tune up. Requesting advice and insight

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Jan 11, 2007
South Mountain Phoenix, AZ
As I type this Gandalf has 217,540 miles on the odometer.

I am preparing to do some serious PM as soon as weather permits:

Fuel Injector service
Replace accelerator cable and transmission throttle/kickdown cable
Replace power steering hoses
Replace rear heater hoses

I have searched and read every thread I can find on the above, thanks to everyone who has contributed.

My questions are around the transmission throttle/kickdown cable replacement. From my research, the cable can be replaced without lowering the transmission or removing the valve body. From the images I was able to find, thank you arcteryx, the clip that secures the cable housing is attached to the bell housing. If I remove the motor mounts and lower the engine and transmission will there be enough clearance to reach that bolt? It appears others who have done this have cut the cable as close as they can get and abandoned the remains in place, snaking the new cable along the old one. Am I being too OCD?

Eventually, I'll wind up pulling the engine and transmission for rebuild and I'll take care of it then, but I'd like to get it right if I can.

Any tips or tricks are deeply appreciated.

It's been raining here for three days. I want to do it while it's still cool enough. By March we'll be hitting 90.

The transmission cable has stretched to the point it's out of adjustment. I figured it would be easier to replace while I have all the intake stuff off and I want to do the Tools shift mod.


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