M&G Trip Report

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Dec 2, 2008
San Diego
The M&G started off with my son Adam and I arriving in Borrego Springs at 4pm on Friday at practically the same time as "The Adventure Duo" and Brent. I was supposed to meet Mike (MKfour) but unfortunately he got caught up in the 91 traffic. We decided to head straight out to camp and that I return later to pick up Mike. The recent rains have made things a little more challenging than they were last fall when I first made this trip. The rock gardens were a little challenging for the rigs with trailers, but they made it without any problems. About 3/4 of the way to camp I made a u turn and headed back to Borrego Springs to catch up with Mike. The return trip was interesting as it was getting pretty dark as the pavement turned to dirt and this was my first experience wheeling in the dark. My recently installed HID low beams were a huge help. By the time we reached camp, the others were just settling in at the camp fire after enjoying a good tritip bbqed by Dave. There was a nice big end piece still on the grill with my name on it, thanks Dave! Then, came dessert, Brent's apple cobbler, OMG what a treat! Thanks Brent. The fire burned strong well after midnight while we enjoyed beers, wine and good campfire chat. Woke up early next morning to the sounds of bids chirping around camp - much nicer than the crowing roosters or barking dogs in my neighborhood. Mike had risen early to make a wonderful breakfast for everyone, scambled eggs, maple glazed sausage, french toast, and OJ. Thanks Mike! It was good fuel for what we had planned ahead - the Waterfall Hike. After the food had settled, Dave, Brent, Mike, Adam, and I ventured off to hike the canyon in search of the waterfalls we have heard about. We found the first one rather quickly and then pushed forward to find the second one higher up in the palm grove. The heat was starting to get intense and with water running out Dave, Mike and Adam decided to return back to camp. Brent and I decided to keep going and are glad we did as it was very rewarding to make it to the palm grove and second waterfall. We couldn't believe we were still in the desert, it was cool and shady and with the sound of the water falling and the birds chirping, it seemed as though we were in a rain forest somewhere. We hiked back down to camp, ate lunch, and napped a bit. With the afternnon upon us, I started packing up for the return trip home. Mike decided to follow me and Adam out with a little detour to Coyote Canyon and back. As we reached the exit of the third crossing, we ran into a couple of 80s, Guilitto and Ulysses. Nice to meet you guys. Mike and I hit town and aired back up at the gas staion and went our separate ways. Again, I want to say it was great meeting everyone and finally putting some faces to the names here on the forum. Looking forward to the next one! :cheers:
More pics

The rock garden
More pics

The camp.
More pics

The hike.
More pics

And more hiking...
More pics

Last pics.
Looks like good times! Wish I could have made it out there. I was thinking about taking my 3yr old out for a day in the desert but was concerned she would not have enjoyed the predicted temp of high 90's. Prob a little nicer out there today since it's currently 63 in Vista at 1PM.

A bunch of us are headed up to SBNF next Sat to run Cleghorn, Pilot Rock and Dishpan if anyone is interested.
Derrick, thanks for putting up with my being late, hopefully it didn't take too much away from your father/son time.

It was nice nice to meet you and Dave, next time we'll have to meet up in the mountains.

It was great meeting you guys, even if it was for a few minutes, I hope to see you all again. Thank you Dave, Brent, Mike, Derrick and Zack
Derrick, thanks for putting up with my being late, hopefully it didn't take too much away from your father/son time.

It was nice nice to meet you and Dave, next time we'll have to meet up in the mountains.

I'm definitely up for a run in the mountains. Thanks for this picture of Adam sitting on the rocks, I love it!
Did anyone test repeater access in Sheep Canyon? If so please post up some results. This is good info to have for next time.
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It was nice to meet people finally even though I did not oficially attend.

Dave thanks for your support on Sunday. I hope you got my texts and VM message. I did make it up the grade no problem. The temp needle didn't go beyond the midway point. The speedometer needle at times wouldn't go past about 30mph, but I made it. I have some more to say and pics to post, but I have not had a chance to do that yet.
Derrick, great shots and good meeting you and Adam. Thanks for the Corn on the cob! We had it Saturday night and it was killer!

Yes, i ended up hitting Mt. Laguna repeater and we tested my radio when some members left and we could hit them all the way at the bottom of the first river crossing. I was happy enough with that.

Good Meeting you Mike! Thanks for the great breakfast Saturday morning. That was epic dude.

No problem on the text messages.. i got them when we reached Ranchita. I couldn't hear my phone over the heavy winds! Glad you made it up Montezumas grade just fine.

Trip report to come..
Looks like you guys had a nice weekend. Im soooo jealous.

I was stuck at home chaperoning my sisters prom after party on friday night. Had to be up all night till 8 AM.

Bunch of drunk teens = not fun :censor: :bang:
M&G 2010 = sounds like a blast :beer:
Great Pics Derrick and a huge thanks for wanting to get all the way to the 2nd falls. Truely a bucket list check off for me. I've wanted to do that ever since I saw it years ago. Even the very brief encounter with the rattle snake didn't deter our accent to the falls.

Great putting faces with names and board names for those that showed up!
Dave, thanks for setting this up.

Your signal was pretty strong and clear at the river crossing. On my radio your signal was at s9 (out of s20). Anything over s5 is good and s10 and over being great.

The signal was also pretty good in Coyote Canyon.

I forgot to give you a call at the start of the asphalt, but I did give you a holler at the intersection of Di Giorgio and Palm Canyon. I heard someone on the frequency, but it wasn't very clear. But with my MT's at highway speed, I usually can't hear the radio anyways.

Your signal did cut out at times. This could be due to others using the same frequency.

I was using 5 or 10 watts.

How was my signal?
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