LX570 AHC Diagnostics

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Nov 17, 2008
The ride on a new-to-me 10 LX is not as good as my old LX470. I’ve read posts saying the 570 is not as soft as the 470 (maybe due to 20” wheels) so I am not sure if this is normal or not. I bled the AHC system and have new tires and alignment. I did a zero point calibration with the Techstream tool and didn’t notice anything that looked strange on the AHC readings, but I don’t have an FSM to refer to.

Wondering if anyone has experienced similar, or if the AHC troubleshooting steps from the FSM are available somewhere?
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Don't overlook your struts, any sign of oil leaks?
Struts all look dry. I did a brief check for leaks on the hard lines and didn't see anything. I haven't done the AHC # of graduations test yet, partly because I can't imagine my spheres would be bad on a relatively newer car. My 470 was on the original globes after 13 years/210k miles. I tried various tire pressures, down to 32 PSI now. Tires are Michelin.
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You can buy a short duration subscription to the Toyota tech info and print the FSM sections to pdf. This takes a lot of effort as you can only print one page at a time though.

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