LX470 AHC, Rear Accumulators On Front

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May 19, 2015
Denton, TX
Not sure if this has been addressed or not.

I would like to know if you can replace the front accumulators with the ones for the rear. I'm looking to do this because the nitrogen reservoir is larger and the charge pressure is greater on the rear, enabling them to withstand higher loads while maintaining a cushion chamber for fluid displacement under a load.

The reason I am considering this is I have an ARB deluxe and a winch on the front. My AHC is functional, but during suspension cycle while hitting large bumps or dips, pressures in the front can approach what they would in the rear while carrying cargo.

My front accumulators were replaced about 14 months ago with B&B Suspension units and have failed (rears are Toyota, 12 months old).

Before I order a new set of Toyota OE units, I would like to know if anyone has done this or anyone knows if the threads are the same and they will fit the dampening subassemblies.
Rear accumulators fit the front damper assemblies with plenty of clearance between the larger sphere and rail/body. Threading and sphere seats are identical. I just installed some spare 2006 low mile rear takeoffs in the front with no issues at all. I thought I might have to disconnect the height accumulator to get the DS in but that wasn't necessary. Dropped my neutral pressures down a little (from 6.7/5.5) so I'll dial them back in to find the sweet spot for accumulators with an unknown residual charge. Can't say I notice any real difference, but it wasn't broke before hand! It's certainly not worse.
Gives people options if they can score still serviceable rear accumulators and they have a need to replace their fronts.
With the L to H test it went from 12 grads on the tank to 20 with 4x rear accumulators fitted.
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Did you change both the spheres and the subassemblies (actuator valve), or just the spheres. If the spheres alone will fit, I feel like it would be a good intermediate option for expanding the front AHC capacity for managing additional sprung weight while maintaining OE parts.

Thanks for your response, it's nice to know someone tried this.
Didn't change the front damper assemblies - just swapped out the front accumulators with used spare rear accumulators, bled, TB tune.
Thanks, Paddo

I'll order a set of rear accumulators and see how they work out. We do a lot of traveling in this 100, so ride quality and reliability is a must. We have a '11 200 which is mostly local commuter and tow vehicle. I'll report back with any key findings or abnormalities.
Not sure if this has been addressed or not.
My front accumulators were replaced about 14 months ago with B&B Suspension units and have failed (rears are Toyota, 12 months old).

When you say the B&B Suspension units had failed, what do you mean exactly?
Had the diaphragm torn so it was leaking gas into the AHC system, or had they just lost gas pressure?
If the later, did you try to get the B&B spheres recharged?

My B&B spheres didn't last that well either, but the LX470 hasn't been used that much, and not in anger, so I haven't replaced them. I am about to try and get them recharged with nitrogen to the original pressures I used, which are higher than standard to support more weight. I am wondering if you tried that and it didn't work, or perhaps not aware of the possibility.

Otherwise, how did the rear globes/spheres on the front work for you?

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