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Jan 22, 2009
Knoxville, Tn.
when I bought my 96 4runner it had new wheels...I dont like the looks of them but they are new none the less...well when I removed them to check the brake lining I noticed that the lug nuts were only contacting 3-4 threads on the 1/4" -1/3" of an inch...this does not make me feel good inside...I was thinking it should be a lot more....what do you guys think? I dont know what the stock set up looked like...TIA Garth:bang:
3-4 threads is NOT ENOUGH!!!!! Take a lug nut to your local parts store. Tell them what you have going.
You likely have acorn lugnuts,

but need lugnuts with a longer shank.

If you stay with the acorn lugnuts, you'd better have...... big_nuts_required.JPG
i have a full set of the stock style with shank will trade you for the acorn ones if thats your problem. just pm me in thats the case
hey SLOW...I you have a pic of what I need for a 96 4runner? the pics abouve are not for my year....Garth:)
i have the stock lug nuts off my 99 runner, just like the ones in the pic. i swapped everything over from my taco IFS to the runner when i did my SAS and now have no use for them. pm me with your shipping info and i will send them your way.

edit: dont worry about paypal or anything, just use the box i ship them to you in to send yours back to me to the address on the label

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