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Mar 27, 2011
I have a LR Quarter Window with a motor that seems to work but I think the tracks may be bent - when the button is pushed, the window pushes out @ 1/2" and then begins to wobble back and forth as it struggles to open further. If I have someone else actuate the switch and I give it a gentle amount of finger pressure it opens up all the way.

I searched around here on the forum (I am not saying I am a search master) I found a lot of info on front and rear window units, and a few on replacing quarter glass; nothing specifically regarding rear vent window motor and the replacement or repair thereof.

I did find the following pdf of the entire quarter window assemble which includes replacement instructions.

My question - has anyone every had the same issue? Is it a clean and tweek a track issue or do I really need to order a new vent window motor?



Where's My Hammer?
Oct 7, 2008
You can squeeze the prongs inward and release the glass from the motor and swing it out a little further. I bent my tracks when I was loading a long wooden board in to the back and hit the window so hard it bent the prongs and let the window go. You can get a pretty good look inside the motor area.
Sep 8, 2003
Bozeman, MT
Bumping this thread, I've got a rear (ps) quarter window that won't open. Has anyone replaced theirs, or found something that got theirs working if it wasn't before? Pulling the cover off this week and will start poking around.

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