Loud squeaking in reverse-parking brake?

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Dec 24, 2003
The squeaking only happens when moving in reverse, no noise at all going forward. Is my parking brake sticking, or could it be something else? Is adjusting the parking brake an easy DIY?


I have the same issue and curious if someone knows for sure.
I have been told that it is the brakes adjusting because it does not happen after I am moving. Try it after it runs for a while and see if it still does it.
Should be 4-6 clicks pulling up on the lever. The rear break shoe clearance needs to be adjusted first (BR-38).
Parking Brake (BR-14). (a) Loosen the lock nut and turn the turn backle until the lever travel is correct.
(b) tighten the lock nut - 48 inch lbf. Then check the Bellcrank. Make sure that the adjusting bolt on the bellcrank is not apart from from the backing plate
I had the exact same problem after I had aftermarket pads placed by a local guy. It was driving me crazy, and I was ready to take it to the dealer but it resolved spontaneously. It would start while reversing after I first pressed the pedal while backing out of the garage.
Also for others if it is not your brakes, a squeak in "reverse only" can also be your universal joints, very common, but maybe not as loud. Grease your 4 uni's and it disappears.
Does it make the sound when you reverse (down an incline) w/ the tranny in N?
I love how on this forum anytime I have a question, someone has already asked it. And someone knows the answer.

I had this same problem, and it would go away every now and again. Pretty sure its my joints. After driving through a few rivers and spraying the joints with a little wd40, figured it was the joints. Gonna grease up in few days.

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