Parting Out Lots of FJ60 parts leftover from engine swap

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Nov 2, 2014
Asheville, NC
Long story short - my original FJ60 engine froze up many years ago. I struggled to find someone to work on it, and then decided to swap in a crate V8. But of course I hung onto all of the OEM parts that came off during the swap - and kept them in my basement. I drove (and loved) the V8 swap for a couple years until I sold the entire beautiful rig for a more ‘family friendly’ vehicle (ya ya ya - that’s whole other discussion). Anyway I’ve just been sitting on the parts, kinda forgetting about them in my basement until now! Figured I’d go ahead and sell these parts now to clear up some space.

I don’t really have the time (or admittedly even great knowledge of what is what) to itemize and photograph each piece on its own. So I hauled everything up to the sunshine, and took a bunch of pics of the collection as a whole. I’m sure there’s a mixture of hard-to-find and easy-to-find. Perfect condition and beat up. Working and broken. But it’s all here - around 40 various parts and pieces in total that came from a great condition FJ60 (pic attached of her as well - just so you can see she was a beauty). I’m hoping to find someone local to come grab the entire collection. Do with it whatever you want. Fix up an old rig, or clean up the parts and re-sell them for 3x more than you bought them from me for. I just need to space, and KNOW that there are people out there who can make good use of these (getting to be) rare parts.

I’m starting the price for the whole set at around $800 until I get feedback and learn a bit more. I’ll go high or lower depending on what happens.











Are you in Austin? I live in Manchaca. I would like to take a look and hopefully take most of this lot off your hands and get you some cash
I'd be interested in the starter if you're willing to put it in a USPS box and ship to New Mexico.

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