Looks like a great truck but..............

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if money was no object, i would say it's a nice looking truck. good paint costs money and considering the condition of the truck, i wouldn't say it's too much. good paint costs a lot.

for that kind of money i would have a dealer give it a once over to validate the claims on the engine work. not sure what would require the block to be changed out.

we'll see what it gets to once the auction ends.
Hell if I had the cash I would jump on it!!

sorry, i don't think so....

warranty still exsists, not from toyota
Not a chance! If you have 14k for a 60 buy one for 2k and dump the rest in to restoration that you want and know is done right.
That is an amazingly clean 60! No pics of under the hood though...? Paint could have been really faded from the NM sun and would justify a repaint. The engine work sounds questionable for only 25K miles. But, if they have receipts and it is checked over before buying then you are probably safe. Even at that price it's still cheaper than a TLC or Cool Cruisers restore. Not to say that their prices are rational...
replaced the engine block undr 33,000 miles??

Something is fishy with what the seller said. I would want to know why it was replaced! The original engine may have just been broken in so why a new replacment? Get reciets and a story behind it. I have seen another like this on another web site. It was flawless.
BTW, I served in the millitary in new mexico and believe what the seller says about no corrosion on the body. I have seen almost no corrosion on any and all vehicles. This includes junk yard vehicles. Normall humidity in the summer is 15% and below in the desert with 8 inches or less of rain a year.
Basicly a very dry heat.

The only thing you may worry about is replacing the windshield . There is alot of desert wind storms that go though that part of the state and it will sand blast the windshield over time. Ask for some underside pictures of the body. Thats where alot of rust is known to exist.
haryv said:
The original engine may have just been broken in so why a new replacment?

Probably sat unused for many years and oozed fluid through every possible opening...
Between my dog and kids, that cruiser would look worst than mine in 9 months. Plus it doesnt have the sweet lift and tires that mine has.
That thing's amazing. I wonder what the reserve is?
Very nice 60. Obviously, money was not an object on the work done to it; the block was probably replaced because the "little guy at the dealership said the metal thingy was leaky and stuff. It's a cute little J**p".

I like it.
Look, I've had alot of 60's, probably at least 25 or so, many with over 200k. The shortblock thing would leave me heading for the woods. The price would have me leaving well before that. If you want to pay 8k for a paint job, fine. To me, that just means the guy is just not knowledgeable. If you take the paint job away, you're left with a 6000 dollar balance...much much closer to it's actual value, at least to me. I can buy any number...and I mean LOTS of clean, rust free, higher mileage 60's here in Tx for 25-3500 bucks. 2500 for paint, 1k for engine rebuild if I do most of the work, and I'm into a super clean, freshly painted, new engined 60 for 7k. That would be top money for me. This guy is a speculator, nothing more. Someone may pay that ridiculous price, and they will get 1985 mechanicals, with bitchy starting, and drive it 60k the first two years. Then they have a 3000 dollar truck. These things never make sense to me, personally.
cbmontgo said:
But Texx, she's awful purty! The price IS crazy. I'm just saying it is a nice rig.

Can't argue that..
did I miss a part?

" I searched for more than three years to find an FJ60 in this type of condition and I have made it even better. ".....and now, well I've just up and decided to sell for no reason, seriously, it's fine, I just want to sell it and search another three years for the perfect FJ60.
it is purty though....no doubt. I don't think it's the guys house...fishy
Zack1978 said:
Hell if I had the cash I would jump on it!!


It's a little high price but the cruiser is awsome!!! very very clean.

I prefer to spend 10k on my cruiser and make the car of my dreams :cheers:

Of course you're never done with your truck, there's always new things to do!

But that cruiser is a babe!!!:princess:

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