Looking for weatherstripping...

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Sep 4, 2012
Riverside, CA
So I'm starting to look for weatherstripping. I will probably get some from Rarespares (At least that's what I took away from the incredibly confusing weatherstripping guide thread). But I was wondering if anybody had any good weatherstripping they did not need. Thanks! :banana:
tailgate rubber seems to be the most expensive and hardest to mimic. next to that are the cargo window gaskets and the fixed back door window gaskets as well as the wing window vents on the front doors. I have been using fj60 door gaskets- they work with some minor effort. I also like the fj60 outer window felts. SOR sells the door window channels rubbers as well as the windshield gasket. You might try searching on line for industrial rubber suppliers for some of the other gaskets/weatherstripping... rare spares has some goodies, but I never commited to purchasing from overseas. there were a handful of toyota dealerships that had some repros instock and I don't know if slocruisers is still producing, but they were doing the bulk of the rubber repors...HTH
slocruisers will have you covered. I've heard good things and the owner is a great guy and will be able to share his experience and advice.


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