Looking for Pics of a Couple Different Options

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Jul 9, 2014
San Diego
I searched but could not determine whether or not these exterior moldings have holes?

Assuming not can someone post a picture of their truck with the moldings removed?

Also does anybody have a white one with the moldings painted white? If so please posts a pic.

Finally anybody paint them black like with Plasti-Dip? I am also wondering how it would look if the molding and the rest of the door panel below was painted black

Thanks and Merry Christmas!
How'd you do the paint? Spray can? And whats the best way to match the color?

I think you're right, paint them white would look the best
1. The side moldings are attached by clips through the outer skin of the door.

2. There are pics of them painted white, black and Plasti Dip here on mud - try your search fu.

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